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Press Guo Han with? Word Zhan Weizhong of God 2020: "This man" has a king | Entertainment | News today

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▲ push Guo Han with? Zhan Weizhong measures 2 words from God 2020: "This person has an imperial phase." (Photo / NOWnews picture)

Han Hai President Guo Taiming recently announced his candidacy for the KMT presidential election that sparked heated discussions and even speculated that mayor of Kaohsiung, South Korean mayor, would compete for the position of the president. In this sense, the numerologist Jean Weichong analyzed the two people and used the word test to understand the typhoon and the Koreans who had a strong voice.

When Zhan Weizhong (22) recorded the program "Small Star Great Class", he was asked if he was optimistic about Korean Yu or Guo Tamiing? He analyzed that South Korean Yu is strong and weak, but when weak, he is weak. As for the situation, he does not come out, because he is not afraid of burning wood, he can wait and drink his strength, but now he faces Guo Tamiing. In the elections, instead of being human, the mission and sense of responsibility of South Korea will increase and the chances of participation will be higher.

▲ Jean Weichong's decision on Guo Taiming and the results of South Korea's Yu 2020. (Photo / flip by Zhan Weizhong Facebook)

As for Guo Taiming, Jean Weichong said his Sino-American relations are very good, but he is not impulsive if he does not receive any affirmation. "He went out to run for elections and added points in the blue camp, which can improve and inspire combat effectiveness and competitiveness." "

In addition, Guo Taiming, South Korea, Yu, who has a phase of the emperor? Jean Weizhong pointed out that two people are careful people, elastic kings, and one is a strong king. In a chaotic world, powerful and powerful people can dominate the world, but is it possible to "harmonize Guo Han"? Jean Weizhong believes that this is impossible. "Because Korean Yu is king of princes, he will fight the world with you." After two people wrote a word comes test, the conclusion was that Korean Yu was stronger.

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