Friday , April 16 2021

Paradox historical strategy plays a new job "Commander: Rome Emperor: Rome" came out today "Emperor: Rome" – Bahamut

The Paradox R & D studio's historical strategy is playing a new job. "Commander: Rome (Temporary Translation, Emperor: Rome)", officially listed today, publicly announced promotional videos and a number of functional instructional videos.

"Commander: Rome" will allow players to challenge the empire of the classical period, the background is set during the turbulent period between Alexander the Great and the Roman Empire. Players can manage the population of the kingdom, be careful of the rebellion, and remain loyal to the gods.

"Commander: Rome" combines the character, combat strategy, military and government types, players will experience roles with different skills, will run the provinces of the player, will command the army, and the game is like a citizen, glory, tribe and other diverse populations , each type has its own culture and religion, and the success of the players depends on the satisfaction of these populations.

"Commander: Rome" today officially counts on the Steam platform, in addition to publicly sponsored videos, at the same time for military, commercial, roles, government, and other exposed video ads:

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