Saturday , January 16 2021

Nico / Chen Weiin’s first striker against SoftBank’s sixth inting, once again a high-quality starter 0: 1 behind the United News network for UDN

  1. Japan Post / Chen Weiin first striker against Softbank in the sixth moment, again a high quality starter 0: 1 behindUDN United News Network
  2. “Japanese Post” tonight Chen Weiin! Chiga Xiao has something to sayLeisure report electronic report
  3. Japanese job ich’s 38-year-old Naihuan Shengyi has not been in the military all season and left the team to pursue a careerTaiwan Apple Daily
  4. Japan Post / Rod continues to fight for playoff chance Chen Weijing climbs 151km in first gameToday
  5. “Japanese Post” was placed by “SoftBank” all year, the active king of the hit issued a shocking statement about leaving the teamLeisure report electronic report
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