Saturday , July 31 2021

New Mac Pro, Pro XDR 6K screens

After the main stage of the WWDC 2019, participants can visit the show room to see the new Mac Pro and Pro XDR 6K screens. It's a pity you do not want to move your eyes. If you want to interact, you can pick up the iPad and watch the simulated interior after the disassembly. According to the introduction of the stage, while the chassis is open, the Mac Pro will automatically shut off, so you probably can not see the operation of the three-ventilator system. Fortunately, this AR experience is not unique on the spot. Anyone who is interested can use iPhone and iPad to search the Mac Pro site (can not afford, fantasize, and be happy).

The Pro XDR 6K window is also appealing to it, because it uses the same minimalistic industrial style as the new Mac Pro, and the panel that can display a full range of 1,000 nits has a very cautious and brilliant color. Of course, our short-sighted time is not enough to bring a conclusion, but it is certain that the specification of this screen has exceeded the requirements of VESA's highest level DisplayHDR 1000.

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