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New Gogoro 2 2020 Style, Front Space, Smart Card, Speed ​​Upgrade Once Satisfied | TechNews

In 2019, in addition to the new Gogoro 3, Gogoro also announced a revision of the Gogoro 2 series. Gogoro 2 2020 will bring consumers a new version of Gogoro 2 that is faster and easier to use, so let's look at the difference after the revision.

So far, the number of locomotives listed by Gogoro has reached 200,000 units and more than 11,000 units have been listed in the past three consecutive months. The Gogorro 2 Series has also become the champion of the same class in the same class. class.

The Gogoro 2 2020 is advertised as faster, smarter and more practical with a full range of upgrades. Upon revision, the iQ System Smart Key Card is fully imported and can be unlocked with a simple touch. The Gogoro 2 2020 is also tuned for the engine to make the car faster, and all cars have to accelerate to 50 km / h with a total time of 0.1 seconds.

Thanks to the Gogoro 3 cup holder, the Gogoro 2 2020 is also equipped with a multifunctional space for items such as cell phones and bracelets, as well as a drink cup holder. The unit also has a USB charging slot that can be recharged while the phone is in place. In addition, new batteries have been launched, and the single-battery mileage can reach 170 kilometers.

Rev Gogoro 2 2020 Revision will fully configure the smart key card.

Front The front multifunctional compartment is located on the left side and can be opened by pressing.

Front The front multifunctional unit may have items such as cell phones.

Comp Bracelet section can also be used as a beverage cup holder.

In addition to the Gogoro 2 series, the Veteran Gogoro 1 series is also available in 2020. The iQ's Intelligent Key Card is also fully imported, but the positioning is on the back of the car body. The Y frame, which was originally to be purchased, was also modified to a straightforward configuration, which is convenient for the owner to hang items.

Among the many Gogoro models, the best-selling car in 2018 is the Gogoro 2 Delight. Gogorro 2 Delite was the number one female car dealer, with a 32% stake in 2019. 12- до Tailors adapt to different types of bodywork, save 25% of the frame and assist reverse processing is desired by many car owners. In response to consumer hobbies, Gogoro announced that the Gogoro 2 Delight will be available in new colors and is a classic white and gray version of the Gogoro 2 Deluxe that has been halted.

White Gogoro 2 Delight 2020 white model.

▲ Gogoro 2 Delight 2020 gray model.

In order to promote the car version, Gogoro has launched a new car offer. If you buy any Gogoro car on August 31st, you will receive a 6-month battery service charge of 299 yuan. If you choose 299 yuan, you can enjoy 6 months free electricity service, if you choose higher price, you will get 299 yuan per month.

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