Saturday , May 15 2021

NBA ", while the top star! The Lakers will not hesitate to send the young head – Johns News

With the continued absence of the "Little Emperor," James, the Lakers now fell out of the top eight of the Western Conference, and the Lakers' elders began to care. Atletic's reporter, Ou Lang, has scattered the news at 26. Currently, the Lakers are following two types of transactions, but want to grab the top Stars, and even Ingram, Kuzma, Langzoauer and other young players are placed on the spreadsheet .

According to Olaan's report, the Lakers basketball manager, Magick Johnson and General Manager Pelinka, plan to make two kinds of trade considerations ahead of the trading deadline on February 7th. One is to strengthen the current lineup and increase the postseason. The second chance is to dig up the top stars, making the Lakers a real threat to the West.

Oulang noted that the current second type of transaction is obviously the preferred option for the Lakers. Even if this means the Lakers may have to pay Ingram, Kuzma, Langsbauer, etc., the Lakers' Elders do not hesitate, without James, the Lakers apparently could not find the offensive and defensive center. They really lost another team leader.

However, before the expiration of the deadline for trade, the biggest players that can be exchanged by the Lakers do not have much choice. After all, "One Eye" Anthony Davis announced that he would not consider leaving this season, perhaps the Lakers stayed with the wizard Bill and the pioneers. Lillard and other candidates that can be traded in the middle of the season, is the strong conviction of Magic determined to risk this?

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