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Mainland students break wall and publicly apologize to Hong Kong students | Taiwan Conflict

Langnardan said in a statement that I apologized to He Hongzhen and since I am in Taiwan, I should respect Taiwan's freedom of law and speech, and should not hurt people because of their different positions.

The reason for the incident is that on the night of September 24, some Hong Kong students from the Cultural University published a slogan in support of the Hong Kong coat of arms on the wall near the school gate. In the early morning of the 25th, some mainland students came here, surrounded Hong Kong students, and tore up the stickers directly. The two sides had physical conflicts. A student on the mainland pulled out a girl who stood more than one meter and made the girl injured.

According to Taiwan's Sunny News, police were dispatched to the scene, and a Hong Kong student later filed a lawsuit against the dormitory.

The wall is usually a wall mounted by the school's student union for students to share information.

The University of Culture's student union has said that in Taiwan, everyone enjoys freedom of speech and violence must be condemned. The student union also expressed hope that the campus will become a more inclusive and diverse environment.

Since the Hong Kong anti-ship protests, there have been several successive disputes between mainland students and students from Taiwan and Hong Kong on university campuses in Taiwan.

Taiwan's Central News Agency reported that on September 30, a land girl with the surname Liu tore a poster posted on the wallid on the campus of Yinhua University (National Taiwan). Police have discovered that a student named Liu is an exchange student at the school. She explained explaining to police that the reason she did so was that the posters and slogans that were posted on the wall and back-backed were too extreme.

(Taiwan National) Qinghua Student Association President Lai Hongzheng said that although the mainland student is a student at the same school to defend democracy and freedom, he will not reconcile with Liu, and will be brought to an end. The case is still under investigation.

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