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Reporter Luo Yuting / Taipei Report

Debate on the "Han Mai" debate! TV debate of Democratic Progressive Party candidate Chen Qimai and Kuomintang South Korean candidate Yu "simple football match" took place in the evening 19. Blue tie Chen & Qimai appeared for the first time on stage, and Yu from South Korea was white shirt sleeves and the fans shouted aside, and the reporter asked if there was any confidence in Korea Yu. He said he would tell his heart sincerely and then he would be tall. Shout "Frozen garlic!"

The electoral campaign of Mayor Kaohsiung has entered a phase of warming up to whiteness, and the television debate about the South Korean war Yu Chen Qimai was officially debuted on the 19th evening because in a direct confrontation with the ball, which probably influenced the result, the policy of the DPP candidate Chen Qimai was Early In addition to the convocation of a group of politicians by the legislator Zhao Tianlin, a group of experts also collected political views of local legislators in the basic elections and prepared for at least 100 questions to drill until the early morning under the battle of the staff helicopter wheel.

South Korea Yu came to Taipei yesterday, and when he came in, the media asked him if he had confidence – he said with a smile, to be honest, he said: – I am now sitting and looking at one.

▲ ▼ Korean Party Kaohsiung Mayor candidate South Korea Yu arrived at the place of the TV debate. (Photo / Reporter Lin Jinglian)

▲ The Kaohsiung Republican Party from Korean South Korea came to the place of the TV debate. (Photo / Reporter Lin Jinglian)

In the evening, the team of Chen Qimai accompanied the legislators Zhao Tianlin and Liu Shifang, and arrived at 7 o'clock. They wore a dark gray suit and a light blue tie, and the haircut was specially arranged. During the filming of the media, due to the Oolong incident in which the headphones were questioned during the last political meeting, he showed his ears to the media to prove that he did not have headphones.

▲ ▼ Chen Qimai. (Photo / reporter Ji Xiangru photo)

The debate will take place in the first Sanli television studio at 19:00 on day 19. According to the rules of the debate between the blue and green camps, the "Shenzhen" part will be discussed in the 6th minute and the second stage of the "cross-examination" will be I have 6 questions and an interactive method of asking questions. The first question is Chen Qimai, the question is 1.5 minutes, and the response time is 3.5 minutes, the third stage of "conclusion", 8 minutes, ends with Korean Yu.

▼ Chen Qimai will face South Korea Yu. (Photo / Reporter Lin Jinglian)

▲ Kaohsiung, candidate of the mayor of Chen Qimai, the first session of Korea's debate of Yu. (Rysunek / ETtoday News Cloud)

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