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It's hard to wear red vests! The Minister of Communications is quite a staff member.

The Taiwanese Railway bought 7,000 red razors, which read "I Want Taiwan Railways, First Security" and asked the staff to wear them during the Spring Festival. Not only did the staff return, but Communications Minister Lin Jiang was not quite and said on Facebook, "There are many things that need to be done better than sending vests." The minister spoke, but Taiwan Railways Director Zhang Zhengyan insisted that "the red vest will be put on the spring festival this year to show the determination of security reforms."

Lin Jialong has no sympathy in his text to open the face. "In order to provide transport-oriented people, except to serve travelers with empathy, you also need to take good care of your peers with empathy." "I also ask the Ministry of Communications and the Directors at all levels of the Taiwan Railway Bureau should pay attention to the votes of first-line colleagues."

Lin Jialong said that grateful colleagues reflected that "the home atmosphere of the Taiwanese Railway is not good, and some even do not have mattresses. There are underground stations filled with exhaust gases, but not only the exhaust gas equipment and the most basic mask are installed." It is believed that the Taiwan railway line should "improve the rate of improvement and improve the workplace of colleagues."

Zhang Zhengyuan also responded to Lin Jialong via Facebook. "I hope that the railway staff can carry the first security vest" and "I call on colleagues from Taiwan for railways to support the campaign" I Want Taiwan for Railway Safety first "and carry it during the Spring Festival this year. shows commitment to security reform.

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