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How bad is the negative comment "OVERKILL Yin Gu Road"? The same number of people executed "L4D2" was also sprayed with "garbage" ? | 4Gamers

By November 10, over 2,000 reviews of The Walking Dead OVERKILL, which was on Steam for 4 days, were officially reviewed, becoming "trash" in the eyes of Steam players and players who have not yet started. You still have a chance to change.

In fact, he is the publisher of works related to the Starbreeze studio in OVERKILL since "Raid: World War II" (Lion Game Lion is a member of the OVERKILL studio group). As for the evaluation of this game, most of the ratings are above all, and the good words are to be at the front, but I can not do it …

Unfortunately, "OVERKILL Yin Gang Road" was purchased from the very beginning and brought you a series of negative experiences. Yes, those players who left a negative comment on Steam do not lie.from

Life is so difficult, some things do not end. That's right, what happened to OVERKILL Studio?

Unpacking the installation takes longer than the download time

In the Internet age downloading 19 GB is not a problem, but in the event of a failure it takes a lot of time to allocate space on the hard disk, and the initial update of 25 MB after downloading resembles more spirit. Like the wall, the entire installation process is similar to "The World" in DIO.

The editor almost 30 minutes read the book halfway, and the remaining time told me 7 minutes, actually it took me another 15 minutes to finish unpacking. According to the comments, there are many players who complain about it.

Read, wait, read, wait

After the long-awaited clash, eventually enter the game, eg "Payday 2", the level of the game is presented by the map base, the first "First Shot" is in GeorgeTown, which is just the starting point of the global view of the game, the player must start from the defense base.

But then comes the problem: Each level must be played by Match Making, can not be an independent game, so the whole pairing becomes quite long, which can be understood when the game will be released for a while, but OVERKILL Yin Chuang Lu was released on November 6, and a couple of 4 people can last from 3 to 5 minutes, which is difficult to discourage.

Of course, when the group finishes 4 people, do not forget that the level should also be read. It does not matter to kill zombies, it's all worth it! Just as the site is ready for excitement and readiness to meet the first level, even more frustrating things happen again …

Let me doubt if the "error code" can get a bad result

Yes, the disconnection occurred too fast, like a tornado, I thought Steam comments crushed, I thought my talents were not bad, but I was quickly crushed by the "error code". It took another 10 minutes to wait for the group to have 4 people. I did not expect the "Error Code: Sunset" connection again …

The case was only three, and the editor once more resisted the temperament, finally the group was full of 4 people, finally I managed to enter the first level, at first zombies broke through the northern gate, finally I hurt the first zombie game, so I got up excited. The cross lunged forward and discovered that teammates used a submachine gun to kill the first wave.

This is my Noob, it's okay, the next wave. When I turned my head and prepared to help build the fortifications, I gathered the second error code "Basecamp" …

Coach, I just want to kick the zombie's head ~! It's been an hour and a half since I bought this game, I already have two error codes before I killed the first zombie. What is this? Is this error code especially named, is it possible?

In fact, apart from Sunset and Basecamp, there is another error code called "Tent", which may mean that you will not be near the tent in the second round "Hell or high water" …

BUG is the same as a zombie

BUG This type of game has every game, many players will find an unexpected ERROR after releasing the previous game, this probability is not high, and as mentioned before, unless you are the best person, otherwise Steam usually Comment on those who complain about many mistakes, chances the mortals you encounter are not really big.

But I was the person I chose that day because I could not move when I was stuck in the first level (and then I was knocked out by the zombies).

The easiest to do in the real editing process is Kardon, zombie through the wall, the most serious point is the BUG card and suddenly he can understand that many players who have played the beta test complains that the game is not yet fully optimized after the game is on the list. Feel.

By the way, the first level of "The First Shot" was established three times before and after the team was successfully removed, which also shows that this game still has some difficulties.

The game is playable, the system is innovative, but the general lack of surprises

Simply put, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" is basically like "Payday 2" "Left 4 Dead" Mod, which is very easy for players who know "Payday 2" to understand and get started, and the role in the system (maximum Open 6 characters), and the basic system has its own functions that can be played.

Each character has its own talents, and the levels of these characters are separated, so that a character at an early stage can bring more benefits to the battle, but the relative duel in the wild group is less flexible.

The level presentation is not neglected, although the Zombie ghost action is not as exaggerated as "Left 4 Dead", but the number is quite large, and the player's early combat power is quite low, limited ammunition, limited physical strength (melee attack). the influence of physical strength, the initial experience with the wild group is quite frustrating.

In addition to developing characters, the player can also save the survivor to join his own level camp, and at the same time have a survival game concept that consumes resources over time, the more base partners the more resources are used. You need to get resources through the level task and properly distribute the work and improve the base, which makes it difficult to unlock the game.

It is a pity that all this seems to copy the game from the previous mode "Payday 2." Although the difficulty is classified as a hardcore shooting, but you can imagine many systems and games, even if there is no penalty, you can not. This is a plus.

Although you have to kill zombies in the same way, you who played "Left 4 Dead 2" and played Tank, you can not find too much surprise here.

Although it's the same as killing people, but you played "Payday 2" and played Dozer, you can not find too many surprises here.

If you really want to play, first find 3 shooters who are ready to go in the same way.

Once again, the editor does not try to stop you from buying this game. This is the edge editor, although I have three bad languages, I still can not convince myself that the other three good friends are down together, but when there are teammates. Join in the game process, I believe that the difficulty will be significantly reduced, and more can add to each other's feelings. You know, when the soldiers suffered together, the game is the same.

Incidentally, the factor is quite critical, because the OVERKILL route itself is so negatively assessed that the region's pricing strategy is different. According to SteamDatabase, "OVERKILL Ghost Road" is selling for $ 69.99 in the United States, which is equivalent to £ 1,847 NT. You should be able to understand why foreigners are so disappointed and angry.

Fortunately, in Taiwan we bought OVERKILL Yin Chuang Road for only 858 yuan, which is half cheaper than in the United States. If the OVERKILL team can fix optimization problems before the game and bad experiences, it can be fun. However, according to the same Steam record, even people who played "Left 4 Dead 2" had more than "OVERKILL Yin Chong Road".


I thought "OVERKILL Yin Chuang Lu" was a long-awaited zombie masterpiece for many players last year. At present, it seems that the way OVERKILL corpses with poor optimization and no surprise still absorbs the past of Payday 2 and OVERKILL. Reputation.

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