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Honda HR-V small change test drive The emergence of micro-integration, the internal is also intimate! – Mobile01

Honda's small HR-V, which had just been released this week, did not appear as Honda Sensing for technology security as expected. However, the car was compiled, equipped and the interior / layout was adjusted. The prices were also revised. ! Many changes are nothing more than boosting the competitiveness of HR-V products to face strong opponents. Immediately after the press conference, we came to Taoyuan Daxi to participate in the media test for small changes HR-V, then what is the difference between the slight change HR-V!

Honda HR-V small change test drive The emergence of micro-integration, the internal is also intimate!
Before the home list at the end of 2016, I had two test versions of HR-V in the United States and Thailand. At that time, the HR-V impressed me with great cabin space and functional performance. There are good driving skills for the Honda models. At that time, it was thought that the HR-V was in line with the domestic car environment, but consumers also loved the car's space, and could also fill the free job position after Civic was discontinued. Fortunately, Honda in Taiwan does not allow us to wait too long. In October 2016, HR-V debuted in a domestic way. It used the same 1.8-liter, four-cylinder, natural-input engine, such as US and Thai regulations, making it one of the hottest. A homely cross-border casual candidate.

HR-V did not get a good response to the market and sales results in the first two years, but! At the end of last year, the HR-V came to a strong opponent that was clearly prepared, that is, Nissan Kicks, which also appeared in the domestic identity. The cloth, with its dual-color appeal / embedded and rich in active and passive security technology, is clearly a major threat to HR-V, forcing Taiwan to step up rates to launch a small HR-V change.

First, in the car department, the previous HR-V is divided into VTi, VTi-S, S three levels, the price is 749,000 yuan, 789,000 yuan and 849,000 yuan. The small modified models canceled the entry VTi grade and were reduced to specifications VTi-S and S. The prices were 777,000 yuan and 840,000 yuan, respectively, which was reduced by 12,000 yuan and 9000 yuan, respectively.

Before the change




749 thousand yuan789 thousand yuan849 thousand yuan

After a slight change



777 thousand yuan8.4 million yuan

Compared to the price of the main competitor Nissan Kicks:

Honda HR-V



777 thousand yuan8.4 million yuan

Nissan Kicks

Fashion version

Deluxe version


6.9 million yuan759 thousand yuan7.9 million yuan

Changing the HR-V grade division and prices, the price of VTi-S falls only between Kicks Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Edition, while the HR-V VTi-S model with a price reduction of 12,000 yuan is relatively small. Additionally, two airbags (four by six) and daytime running lights, the S largest-sized model added a four-eyes radar.

The most recognizable part of this small change HR-V is the front of the car, because the bulb kit, the water tank cover and the shape of the front guard are redesigned. The headlights are replaced with LED discs with CR-V-like stars, and daytime running lights are also changed into LED guides in the shape of L. The visual experience is spiritually refined. The VTi-S is equipped with a halogen bulb and the projected configuration of the loudspeaker, but it also has LED daylight and is equipped with automatic light for automatic light and an automatic delay-extinguisher. (The version of version S also has automatic horizontal adjustment)

The tank guard reinforces the visual image of a solid wing in the family style, with a large chrome plating that covers the emblem and stretches to the upper edge of the headlights on both sides, with a multi-channel bright black board at the bottom for a powerful and powerful Feel of Power.

The air inlet on both sides of the column is changed in a five-angle form, and the inside is replaced by the front fog lights available only in version S, and the central air inlet is also changed from the previous catheter pattern to the side barrier .

In Taiwan alone, the Honda scene was equipped with a small change before the HR-V was available for comparison. After the small change, the front of the car was obviously more aggressive and refined.

The shape of the aluminum ring is the same, the 17-inch dark sport with five-spoke dual-color model, the size and the tires are 215 / 55R17 and the Maxxis Victra MA-P2 Plus.

The chrome-plated handle is also a subtle difference between the VTi-S and S version, as the open and shut-off door without key / no key is standard.

The small change will replace the S version of the headlights with a smoother pattern of the picture, and the LED strips will be added internally, which is also enhanced in the texture.

This small change has not made too many changes for the rear of the car. If the version of the black group of the tail lights is not included, the difference is only to add a chrome frame between the two tail lights. The rest, such as the hinged door handle of the tailgate, the tailgate, the tailpipe with a tail tail and the shark's aisle, are features and accessories that have HR-V.

On-site Taiwan Honda also offers an additional car that has been upgraded based on the VTi-S model, including front / rear guards, side skirts, aluminum rings and front bumpers, all with extra equipment, as well as head and headlights. The difference between versions S can be used as a reference for the potential owner of the vehicle.

The interior is not easy to see the change of this small change, as the focus is on upgrading the details, as the board around the changer seat is replaced by a light black material from the previous dark plastic, in addition to the air conditioning fan, door handle Outer Ring and others seats are also decorated with a chrome frame, which is richer in the texture than before the change.

The design of the driver's cockpit allows the driver to easily control the surrounding interface after entering the train. With a four-way adjustable steering wheel, it's easy to adjust the driving position corresponding to its body shape, complemented by a small surface. The front and rear windows and driving looks are great. The version S version is also convenient, such as a keyless-free key and the opening and closing of the engine, headlamps for the front lights, electronic parking with automatic retention function for automatic locking, rear parking radar + reverse development, frame and front and rear trident adjustable central armrests are practical daytime running equipment.

Regarding safety equipment, the two models of small modified models will be equipped with six airbags, a VSA dynamic stability system, HSA startup assistance, ESS Emergency Brake Warning, and four-eyes radar as standard. Camera to change the model. Unfortunately, the lack of security support equipment, which is gradually becoming mainstream, has become a major gap between HR-V and Kicks. Towards the end of last year, Honda actually launched the HR-V version of the "Safe Leap Forward," adding the detection of blind spots on the BSI, a warning to change the LCA ribbon, a warning warning for the RCTA and a warning system for the return of doors DOW , but this time it was changed. It is also not specified as a standard for further improvement of competitiveness.

The adjustment of the steering wheel or the functional surface is quite complete, such as four-way body shape adjustment, with buttons such as gearboxes, fixed speed, driving information, audio and Bluetooth communication.

The basic information for the three-ring is clearly displayed, and the right side is used to display information related to driving.


There are six types of information to show the right meter, including mileage, driving time, residual mileage and average speed.

On the left side of the steering wheel is the ECON mode for energy saving, radar radar and the position of the button on the tracking system.

The main change in the small change is that the saddle is replaced by this bright black plaque, which directly helps the visual texture. In addition, the HR-V is equipped with CVT continuous transmission system, and the S-Sport mode is cut to the bottom, which can obviously be felt relatively direct and fast dynamic response.

There is another space for removal under the center console. Here are the charging holes for USB and 12V.

The height of the bottom of the middle cup holder can be adjusted through the compartment to allow the traveler to use it according to the height of the bottle.

The size of the multimedia touchscreen is the same as before, but the display interface is redesigned, and the menu with lighter color and graphic template is used as a home page. The internal integration of Bluetooth communication / music, navigation, reversibility and development features is also available. Upgrading the price of digital TV, driving recorder and other items.

The three-mode overturn camera provides three viewing modes: a standard viewing angle, a wide angle and an angle from the top corner, to help the driver to see the view as accurately as possible.

Before presenting the performance of the space, please ask your senior colleague of 177 cm to adjust the front passenger seat to this general sitting position.

Spacious performance and flexibility are definitely the main advantages of HR-V. For passengers of 177 cm, there is plenty of room for movement in the knee or head, and the seat back can be adjusted in two angles.

The rear seat is not fitted with an air conditioning fan and the center armrest does not have a cup holder. Rear seat passengers can choose to point the beverage to the side door or the rear compartment behind the front armrest.

The standard luggage space has a space of 437 liters and is highly rated in height or width.

There is another three-story storage space below the bottom plate and attached to the vehicle tool, and then opens the black styrofoam to configure the physical spare tire.

Back to the back seat can be adjusted for a tilt of 6/4. The level of the flat plate after the leveling is good, and the spatial variability of HR-V is not only this, but also the following two modes are quite practical.

The first is the way of growth, where the front passenger seat can lean back and the head restraint can be removed. At that time, the front space is added for placing long objects.

The second is the amplification mode, and the back seat cushion can be lifted and fixed to become a space for immersion or cycling.

The small redesigned model does not adjust the power structure or the output data. It is still a 1.8-liter four-cylinder natural-fueled four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 1799c.c, with a maximum horsepower of 143hp / 6500rpm and a maximum torque of 17.5kgm / 4300rpm. Combined with the continuous CVT transmission system provided by the S Sports Mode, the Energy Bureau announced an average fuel consumption of 14.5 km / l.

This small change to Taiwan Honda specifically said that the project for sound insulation for HR-V was strengthened and about 10% of the evolution in the ARTC. However, this data is not easily detected in the real driving experience, especially in comparison with the front / delayed models of the same condition. As far as personal feelings are concerned, I think that improving the sound of the wheel arch is more obvious, but the engine can still hear the sound of acceleration when it accelerates. If you have not touched the HR-V before the change, but you directly perform the small change experience, you should think that the performance of the sound isolation is around the normal level.

As far as power and handling are concerned, the HR-V is highly competent and remarkable, especially the low center of gravity and the good vision of driving the traditional hatchback, as well as the flexible and coordinated body dynamics. Everyone will feel it when he enters the bus. HR-V has a friendly and easy to use feature, along with smooth CVT transmission response, overall performance and HR-V will appeal the overall appeal.

As the HR-V pre-redesign already has a balanced performance in all aspects, changing the look and details of the interior is not particularly impressive compared to the next small change. However, if it is the first time to relate to the small change HR-V, its appearance or interior details have improved much before the change, plus a wave of price cuts, a domestic transboundary vacation is still appealing. Automotive models.

Honda HR-V spec

Engine type: 4-cylinder SOHC 16V in-line

Exhausted volume: 1799c.c.

Maximum horsepower: 143hp / 6500rpm

Maximum torque: 17.5kgm / 4300rpm

Driving mode: front-wheel drive

Type of transmission: CVT transmission system without interruption

Structure of the brakes: four-wheel drive

Front suspension structure: Maihuachen with anti-roll bars

Rear suspension structure: H-type torsion beam

Specifications for tires: 215 / 55R17

Body Size: 4334mm x 1772mm x 1605mm

Wheelbase: 2610mm

Car weight: 1283kg

Fuel tank capacity: 50 liters

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