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High school soft baseball league Top four released Chinese high school fights even | News |

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(Reporter of the Central News Agency Jay Jingen, Taipei, 20) The 107th league of high school high school competitions was announced at the 107th year, and last year the runners-up and runners-up Huade were abolished, and the last high school meeting Johnhua today compete with the secondary Qiangbei school. The game was good, and the team won 7-0 and climbed to the top 4.

Huade's main score, Zeng Bayjun, was limited to a pitch and could not play. Zhang Weiwei set off first, the first two sessions of Zhang Shengwei effectively suppressed Yong Liu Zihong, who took the backup, could not stop the blood and eventually was swallowed from 1 to 8, and Jing hit the line, but the third game was unstable.

Last year, the second-ranked squadron and industrial and commercial high-level collaboration with Tainan today, the two teams in the seventh game ended with 2-2 in the battle with a tie, expanded the game with high technology. Tainan understood the cooperation of the industry and the industry to support the runway Li Jianbin, the ball was unstable, ran back to the winning points, 2 win, ahead in the first four.

Tang Jiayu is the highest player at the last high school high school competition and also the national player of the U18 international tournament. Tang Jiau used a total of 59 goals and 5 matches, but dropped only one hit and voted. At one time, four bad balls were sent, and three more blows were made, effectively pushing the opponent's line.

The first game relied on the guarantee, the mistakes and the first pause of Tang Jiau and scored 2 points in a single game, and the second game understood the situation for forcing the pitchers. The only game scored 4 points and laid the foundations. Add 1 point for the next stroke and win the 7-0 win.

The top 4 of the high school soft baseball league will be held tomorrow in the Xinzhuang Baseball Stadium, Yongjing Gaogong and Zhonghua High School will play against each other. Gaoyuan industry and Tainan High School will meet, and the winning team will go to the championship. (Editor: Huang Yu) 1071120

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