Monday , July 26 2021

He's back! Kari squats and dances, KD hurts to force the strongest "unreasonable Meng" … (影) | NBA |

On May 9th, Taipei time, the NBA playoffs continued. Golden State Warriors scored a lead of 3-2 with 104-99 Lectures Houston Rockets home. Stephen Curry reappeared after Kevin Durant's injury, scoring 25 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists in the game.

In the first four games with the Rockets series, Kari does not play well. In 39.5 minutes per game, he had only 21.3 points, 4.3 rebounds and 5.3 assists, up from 39.4 per cent of the pitch and scored three per cent. That's only 26%. But even if Rockets chases the series in 2-2 tie, Kari does not panic. "We love this exciting situation," Kari said. "Of course, we hope to win the lead of 3-1 or finish the series as soon as possible. But now that we got to this point, we were not at all puzzled, there is no need for panic."

Kary made no mistakes, while Clay Thomson recovered, Kevin Duranne maintained a stable performance. In the first half of the match, they made a double-digit defeat at the start of the match.

With 4 minutes left in the second quarter, Kari got Durant's long pass in the counterattack, then reinforced the ball against the small Rickard defense, and also caused minor obstacles. Before hitting Harden's defensive trilogy, and then getting three pointer in the small rivers, Kary was very excited and he shook his shoulders while lying on the floor.

However, Kari did not hit the penalty. Specifically, Curry played badly for most of the game, and many lightweights were not sure. Before Darren was injured, Kari scored only 9 points on 4 of 14 shots.

I must admit that Durant's violation has left the scene and has a major impact on the Warriors. Because they have less offensive weapons, and the offensive space on the ground is lower.

However, Durant was injured and started Kary. In the last minute and 02 seconds from the third quarter, Kari scored two goals. Shortly after the opening of the fourth quarter, he scored 5 points with a penalty. During this time, Kari reproduces the unreasonable shadow of the year, which is definitely what Warriors and their fans want to see.

With 5:18 left in the game, Chris Paul scored a goal and Roquetes chased the score 85-86. Curri immediately took three pointers to stabilize the situation for the Warriors.

With 1 minute and 15 seconds remaining in the game, Gordon scored two goals and Rockets chipped the score to 95-99. The next wave of war crimes can directly determine the outcome of this game. Kari can not make a fortune, but he seized the offensive leap and caused Paul to commit an offense, made two consecutive free throws, warriors. Running is 6 points.

Without Durant, Kari recreates the charm of "Meng Shen"!

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