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Dongmeng began the 24th, Chinese team, Dai Peifeng, Weng Yi, everyone took part in the competition – Sports – HiNet Life


Dongmeng took off 24, and the Chinese team, Dai Peifeng and Weng, entered the rivalry.

(Report by Xie Jingwen Taipei, Central News Agency reporter at 10) In 2018, Asian Asian Baseball League began in 24th place, in total 5 teams participated. The Chinese professional team was still led by Lin Zhenxian, head coach of Lamigo Taoyuan Second Army, this year's design project chosen by Fubang, Dai Peifeng The first round of the Taoyuan team was chosen by Penguin Weng Yi.

Last winter Lin Zhenxian led the Chinese professional team, which achieved good results, finishing second in the regular season, this year I hope to achieve another success, this time in total is a Chinese professional team, Japanese occupation army, western army, Korean professional team and Japanese social team. 5 teams took part in the competition, and the opening ceremony took place at 24 noon 24. The Chinese professional team will face the Japanese army at Taichung International Baseball Stadium.

The Winter League is a good opportunity to improve the new levels of professional baseball team 4. The junior high school team sent potential novices to take part in this competition This year's seasonal selection of Fubanga, team catcher, Dai Peifeng and the third round of lion's uniform Liu Xuan Gao Yujie, second-round catcher CITIC Brothers and Wu Junwei, who was elected in the fourth round, and Weng Yijun, the first round of Taoyuan and Chen Chenwei, the second round of selections, are on the list.

In addition, Yang Jiawei and Lin Youle, who this year showed outstanding results in the playoffs, and Chen Wenjie, who won the second year of this year's deputy, King of Warriors and the Pirate King, will take part in the Winter League. Total experience in the Winter League event.

The Japanese army consists of the giant Yomiuri, the ocean of Chiba Rodeo, Lotte Kim in the northeast, Saitama Seibu and Yakulta in Tokyo, run by Superintendent of the Second Army Giants, Takada Sei, and the Japanese army is supported by Fukuoka Eagle Software Bank and Tiger Hanshin. , Orix Bulls, Yokohama DeNA Bay Star, Chinese and Japanese Dragon players, the line-up is clear.

The Korean team won the Winter League for the 5th time. This time the head of the police department was led by Liu Chengan, the main guardian of the NC dinosaurs, and the Korean classics team from 2017, Kim Tae-jung, was the most watched. The Japanese social team participated for the second time in the Winter League. In the middle of the game: Indonesian Asian Jakarta, Indonesian Yucheng thrower, Takahashi Takuya, Muonan catcher, Inomura Kitamura Cheonji, midfielder Sato Takeu, Matsumoto Moutaro, etc. (Editor: Zhang Wei) 1071110

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