Sunday , April 11 2021

Zurich's government council: Besko is not allowed to travel to Switzerland

Besko's robbery in the post office in Dübendorf raised questions in the group of councils of the SVP canton group in Zurich. Now the government council states that the removed Kosovar is not allowed to enter more.

According to the request of the Cantonal Council of the SVP, the government council in Zurich emphasizes that the Confederation is responsible for the absence of persons from home. It is unlikely that the canceled Kosovo rapper Besko will again be able to attend a family reunion in Switzerland.

Replaced by Besko's motorcycle helmet, it struck on February 19, the post office in Dubendorf. The 33-year-old was actually released in 2016 after several years in prison in Kosovo but returned to visit his family in Switzerland.

Police found weapons for murder and part of their booty

Besko was arrested shortly after the robbery and detention. Police found weapons of killing and some of the money captured at the residence of a Serbian citizen. The SVP then wanted to know from the Government Council whether such visits to the country were common or would have been granted only in exceptional cases.

The Government's reply shows that the so-called suspension, ie the suspension of the entry ban, is granted only in exceptional cases, such as in court summonses, family deaths or important family occasions.

Abuse is no longer an exception

The State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), or the federal government, is responsible for this. However, it is unlikely that Besko will once again be able to attend the family fun in Zurich. If the suspension is abused, granting the federal government will no longer leave home at home, the Council of Government writes. Exceptions were relevant reasons such as court summonses.

In the period from 2016 to 2019, the Confederacy awarded 171 travel trips to foreigners recently registered and recently registered in the canton in Zurich. These people are usually not followed during their stay in Switzerland. (SDA / Noo)

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