Sunday , April 18 2021

Why should not we put garlic in our vagina

Dr. Governor's tweets read as a song.

Friday morning in the NOIZZ editorial office, there is still no piano coffee, it's not really there yet, and then BOOM – Topic: "Carnations of garlic in the vagina should be harmful, can you worry about it?" Yap – finally woke up for the whole day. And not just because you are surprised by the concepts Vagina and onion they landed together in a very meaningful sentence. It's more than the fact that garlic in the vagina obviously something is and you do not know it.

Doubt. Are you all – for whatever reason – putting garlic in your vagina instead of tomato sauce, and I missed that?!

Apparently already. A bow down is one of those Type of home remediesSomething like a pumpkin of chamomile on a pickax. Supposedly, garlic is considered the most natural remedy Vaginal candidiasis infections to be. Tell me, whaaaaaddd ?!

It is legitimate to ask how anyone can get the idea that garlic is a choice of lesson when it is lower than one floor. Amateur biologists Now, if my ignorance is likely to collapse behind: The garlic obviously contains the amino acid allicin (duhhhh …). And allicin is just the one that really learns such a fungus to be afraid – what everyone knows! So: Peel the garlic from garlic and from there on – Miss Mumu wait, or not?

Obviously, that's what an old house recipe has long been established, is not so good for the vagina. Under very resonant, as hashtag invites #vaginaisnogarliczone Namely, Dr. Jennifer Gunter sent eight tweets to the World Wide Web, in which she explains it with the garlic in it Schlüpper not a good idea

Dr Gunther's tweeting vaginal bowel treatment To be honest, it's the best thing I've read on Twitter for a long time – and it's also very informative. She says that although garlic contains allicin and is also very effective against fungal infections. However, it was more than a story of it Work in a laboratory was discovered. But bacteria and cells in the petri dish should be treated differently than with their own vagina, Locate the doctor and write: "Your vagina is not eating cells". Not that we think someone knew that yet – but this sentence is read better than every song. If I think about it right: I would like a T-shirt with exactly this inscription!

The doctor further explains: Garlic like a toe does not help at all. In order for the already mentioned allicin to develop its effect, it must first break the garlic or, at best, press it. So now please get in touch with the first one, who is on the ball, down there with so much courage fresh mash garlic Deleting. Irritated mucous membranes – ick listen to the trap.

Dr. But Gunter also throws in the ring that garlic from the press is certainly not so easy to remove – if you now thank Kopfkino Imagine how to get a nice minced garlic from it private clothing it needs to be removed … because it's completely different.

I will no longer use garlic on my side – not as a vaginal assistant. But who knows: Maybe it's something for S / M bed stories. You do not need to go to a hardware store, after the 50-shade of the Gray Hype, to rinse afterwards. A small trip to the kitchen is enough. And whoever wants it really interferes chopped chili also right below. Good … oh … appetite, I'd say.

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