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"Who will become a millionaire?": 0 euro! A professional son desperate of female anatomy

Updated on March 12, 2019, 10:42 am

The long-term students and Nesthoker are sitting on Monday evening in the special edition of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" to the President of the Council of Guenter Joach. It's pretty fun, but it's a bad end for Norbert Pan. Parents will need to continue to subsidize students.

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The dignity of man is inviolable, says the Basic Law. But does that also apply to students? It's nothing new that the RTL shows people a little celebrity how to throw their dignity into the sea.

But what was done Monday night with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" with Malte Schulze, will be difficult to reconcile with the first article of the Basic Law.

The red arrow with the inscription "17th semester" pointed to the long-time student, while his mother who sat in the audience said that the parents should spend about 600 euros per month, so the 30-year-old master at Kiel University continues the European ethnology, media studies and study history .

"Finished with Hotel Mama and Continuing Study!" It was special on Monday, in which only as long-time students and exposed nest chairs came as candidates in question.

As a distinct feature, the candidates were represented by parents, relatives or friends, who then also played the selection question to help the unpaid bearer earn money and finally get rid of it.

Long-term student and satisfied with that

Despite the bulky title, the episode was quite fun on Monday night, because the companions and the participants were in great mood. For example, Malte Schulze, who was not irritated by the degrading sign of the 17th semester, seemed to be quite comfortable in the role of a slightly nervous longtime student and showed that for a long time at Kiel University it was not in vain.

Until the question of 32,000 euros, Schulze did not need anyone at all and did not accidentally gamble. With the help of the public joker, the extra joker and 50:50 Joker, the student made it to the question of 125,000 euros.

The so-called. the position of the SPD can be observed very often in …?

A: basketball players

B: apple trees

C: paving

D: pornography producers

Despite the precise assumption, in the end, he lacks courage

"I suppose a basketball player …" said Schulze, wondering whether he should risk it or not. "Hibris is my biggest enemy that flies too close to the sun," he added, following a sentence that can be said to be enjoyed only when he writes a two-digit number of semesters at a faculty of humanities.

But ultimately there was no courage and Schulze had to be upset. Because the SPD is committed to recording, passing and dribbling in this case and describing the basic position of basketball players. With 64,000 euros, funding for the next semester still needs to be provided.

The professional son goes empty

Norbert Pani, on the other hand, will continue to depend on 800 euros that his parents give to him, in addition to free accommodation, every month. "From the profession of a son" stood on the red sign that pointed out to Pan. At 23, he studied communication science in the first semester.

The five semesters of philosophy are not real. Perhaps he had to shift to biology, rather than the science of communication, or even better anatomy, especially female. Because Penny failed already on the question of 500 euros.

Do the jurors talk about the applicant's nice chains in the meantime, then do they mean the area between …?

A: Ankle and calf

B: Shoulder and pivotal bone

C: A button on the hip and stomach

D: Eyebrow and upper eyelid

After all, there is a possibility of reunification

However, Panny found the fetters between the brow and the upper eyelid and crashed. Zero Euro! For a long time, no candidate has left the holiday, as noted by Gunther Jauch.

Ultimately, according to the moderator, a reunion may occur, as the student has provided a ticket to the Special Loser, a second chance for candidates who had to go home without money.

Sven Meyer, a 25-year-old banker living in the nursery and earning 16,000 euros, did a better job. The fourth candidate was Fabian Kranz, a 17th semester undergraduate student at the boarding school. He earned 16,000 euros in a rather entertaining special program.

Since 1999, Gunther Jauch is the face of "Wer wird Millionär?". In his career as a moderator of quizzes, he has already experienced some curious candidates and had to overcome one or another awkward situation.

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