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Vincenz has to pay the money – Sunday newspaper

One year after the announcement by SonntagsZeitung Finanzmarktaufsicht (Finma) against Raiffeisen The so-called enforcement procedure, the bank works in the end. I want to reverse the purchase of the Investnet investment company that launched the proceedings.

Spokesperson Dominik Chiavi confirms: "Raiffeisen Switzerland has concluded all contracts in the context of Investnet between Raiffeisen on the one hand and Peter Wüst, Andreas Etter, Aneco AG and Pier Vincenz on the other hand, until 2012, when Raiffeisen Switzerland closed the exchange agreement with Peter Wüst and Aneco AG (100% stake in Andreas Etter). "Intentional intentions can then be determined if the buyer deliberately deceives the contract was misleading.

By selling Investnet to Raiffeisen, it happened several times. Retrospection: In 2011, Raiffeisen negotiated with Peter Wüst and Andreas Etterem, the founders of Investnet, about the acquisition. The negotiations were led by Beat Stocker, consultant and friend of Pierin Vincenza. At the same time Stocker tried to participate in Investnet. Successfully, according to a report by the audit firm Deloitte, which was created on behalf of Finma. Vincenz knew about how the financial blog revealed Inside Paradeplatz.

Raiffeisen is wrong

Then Patrik Gisel was used as a negotiator instead of Stocker. Gisel allegedly did not know that Stocker was involved in Investnet. In any case, Raiffeisen Investnet bought 60 percent and paid 20 million WUst and Etter CHF per piece. There was also an exchange of shares. Then Duo Stocker transferred 5.8 million francs. Shortly after that, Stocker Vincenz paid 2.9 million CHF. There is a suspicion that it was a hidden payment from the proceeds from the sale of Investnet. Then Investnet was merged with the KMU Capital owned by Raiffeisen. Former owners received the money again, and Raiffeisen granted KMU Capital a loan of CHF 100 million.

When Vincenz left Raiffeisen in the autumn of 2015, he invested 1.5 million Swiss francs in a new company and received 15 percent. Shares. This was financed with a loan that was granted to him without circumventing the guidelines. This should now be reversed because Raiffeisen is being cheated because she did not know that Stocker was involved in Investnet. "These include subsequent share purchase agreements that led to the restructuring of Investnet Holding AG. As a result, Raiffeisen Switzerland now claims 100% of KMU Capital Holding AG (formerly Investnet Holding AG), which controls 100% of KMU Capital AG», says Chiavi spokesman. In line with this challenge, Investnet AG is not part of the Raiffeisen group and appropriate civil proceedings are underway. »

The payroll is commissioned to a friend

A strange detail has become known this week. Vincenz commissioned management payroll records to the depository office of lawyer Eugen Mätzler – allegedly for discretion, as "Inside Paradeplatz" writes. This is also confirmed by Raiffeisen. "In Raiffeisen, Switzerland, these transactions were carried out in 2001-2017 by Eugen Mätzler and duly amended by PWC," says Chiavi.

Ironically, PWC also investigated Investnet's offers – and Mätzler was the lawyer of Vincent's Poisoner. He was a board member in the personal investment company Vincenza, Varaplan. He takes part in the purchase of the Commtrain company, which is examined by the prosecutor. Chiavi says: "The order obliges us to remain silent about third parties."

(Sunday newspaper)

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