Wednesday , April 21 2021

Three in one fell swoop: Oppo interferes with the market of smartphones

The Far East, the manufacturer PPL, wants to shake up the Swiss market with three exciting smartphone models. NMGZ was on the ground at the beginning and shows which models are capable.

The first offers a 10-digit hybrid zoom, the second is cheap and the third, which is the first model with 5G capabilities, the Oppo manufacturer advances in future smartphone areas – along with Swisscom. PCtipp was on the spot at the European Event for performances at the Zurich exhibition center.

5G: Swisscom is in the ship "Opo"

(Source: NMGZ)

Triple attack: 10x zoom, 5G and low price

According to the company, Oppo wants to "meet the high expectations of users for design, photography and performance with creative innovation in its new Renault series." The chances are not that bad: The Reno series consists of three models to meet different user needs The variants "Renault 5G", "Renault 10x zoom" and the basic version "Renault". All models will be available in two new gradients: Ocean Green and Jet Black. All models come with a camera that has a turning mechanism; a combination of design, functionality and technology. In just 0.8 seconds, according to the manufacturer, the turning function can be performed to expand and activate the front camera at an angle of 11 degrees. According to Oppo, "strict quality tests and standards are passed to ensure this feature. In addition, a real-time protection mechanism to ensure that the camera automatically retracts when the smartphone is in a free fall – to prevent damage.

Front and rear: model Reno 10x Zoom

(Source: Oppo)

In addition, the Oppo series is equipped with a special ceramic stone, the so-called. O-point. The O-Point should serve as a little bit to raise a smartphone when it lies on a flat surface. This, so Oppo, the lens of the camera is protected from direct contact with the surface.

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