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This is how Formula 1 reacts to the accident at the manhole!

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The training breaks down with a "big constraint" for the teams

According to Red Bull's chief Christian Horner, the crash in Baku has had a huge impact on the rest of the weekend. "Of course it's the same for everyone, but of course you have very detailed plans and many meetings that correct what you want to test and how many tires you have," he explains to Sky: "This is now compressed into just one session, with long tracks and qualifying rounds, that's a big remark. "

The first training was terminated after 13 minutes and was not restarted. Drivers and teams lost a total of 77 minutes of their training time. Only Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel have ever completed the time laps.

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So, the chassis changes with Williams!

This crash has consequences: As Williams announces, a chassis change must be made on the car of George Russell after falling off with the lid of the manhole. "So he can not drive again before the third practical session on Saturday." So: Russell gets only one hour of practice before qualifying in Baku.

Why this is so, explains Article 25.4 of Formula 1 sports rules. It says: "If you change the chassis in a car after the technical review at the start of the event, the FIA ​​delegate must apply for a brand new acceptance. The car can not to be used again until the next day. "

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Meanwhile, Hamilton sees "The Game of Thrones" …

In social networks, Lewis Hamilton said he wanted to use the time gained from the incident for a bit of TV entertainment. And he actually did it: Mercedes reports that from the cab of Hamilton in the hostess of Mercedes you can hear typical sounds on the string "Game of Thrones". Hamilton is a big fan of the series, who just started his eighth and last season.

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Has this ever happened in Baku? Yes!

In the archive we learned a little and we learned: In fact, it is not the first incident of its kind in Formula 1 in Baku. Already in the premiere year there was a similar accident – again by Williams car. On the wheel was Valter Botas. He returned to the box from his installation round in the third training session when he overturned the cover of the manhole and damaged the box of his vehicle. Botas called the incident at the time as "unacceptable" and resorted only to Qualfiying back in the action.

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Video: The shaft covers the crash of George Russell

In the next video, the crash is clearly visible. George Russell rides in Williams-Mercedes FW42 over the loose cover of the manhole, while taking off the entire undercarriage …

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Verstappen: It should not have happened!

Clear words from the Red Bull driver Versatile to Sky: "We'll take care of it now, but, of course, that should not have happened," he says about the incident with the loose cover of the manhole.

"George's car [Russell] lost a lot of damage. "However, all other pilots lose their training time." Logically, that's not great, "says Versaphene," but everyone is on the same boat. It just makes things even more exciting. It would be worse if it happened at the second training, because you usually ended up with long races and worked for the race. So, we just stand there with a little less information. "

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Williams blames operators

Williams team chief Claire Williams blames Bakiyada's operators for dismantling the manhole cover and causing a major crash. "It's certainly not what you would expect from Formula 1 circuit," she said to Sky. "These shaft covers need to be properly installed." Williams announced a conversation with the director of the race.

Even Lewis Hamilton – in this scene an outsider – is in the social networks confused: "How did you manage not to fix the cover of the manhole and not check it?" A "Facepalm" -Emoji accompanies his remark. In addition, Hamilton writes: "Okay, so now I'll have more time to get to the" Game of Thrones "…"

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So George Russell suffered an accident

"I drove straight to the dust when it suddenly hit this cover on the shaft," explains Williams driver George Russell. TV pictures show: Ferrari man Charles Leclerc recently driven over the shaft and torn off the lid of the manhole. Russell could not escape the crash. Happy in bad luck: The young Briton did not hurt. "I'm fine," he says.

At the time of the accident there was a "loud bang". "Then the engine stopped and the car's undercarriage was completely destroyed," Russell said. It's still not possible to tell how big the damage is and if possible the chassis.

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Only two pilots with lap time in the first practice

As the first training was canceled after only 13 minutes due to George Russell's disaster, and has not been restarted, there is a strange classification: only two drivers even scored a time for rounds, ie Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, with a total of nine laps , they cover the longest distance. Mercedes, however, does not drive: Valter Botas and Lewis Hamilton were waiting to start training in the box.

Here the full "result" gets!

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… and Pirelli takes it with humor!

"Good news: We asked, our bridge is fine".

Previously, the entertaining truck with the damaged Williams just pulled down the edge of the arm at the moment …

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Ecclestone shows "surprised"

Formula One Formula One's Bernie Ecclestone is "really surprised" by the incident in the shaft in free practice. In the sky, he said, "Usually [die Veranstalter] it's good to handle your case ".

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300 mines at 6,003 kilometers

Renault helps us to classify the events: About 300 shafts should be on the Baku Circuit route, which is about 50 per mile. It will take a long time before you check and fix each one.

Formula 1 should start at 2 pm (CEST) as planned in the second training. It could work. How to order the trainings from the frame, it remains to be seen …


Head of the race: It is with the training!

The director of the Formula 1 race takes action: The first training will not be rebooted. Thus, drivers and teams lose about 1:15 hours on the track on the fastest street circuit in the calendar.

But: security first. Obviously, the race director needs a lot of time to thoroughly examine all the shafts. In addition, the oil must be removed from the road.

By the way, this is the first big test for FIA's new director, Michael Mussi, who, after a sudden death, became Charlie Whiting. Massey has already arrived at the scene of Russell to get a personal picture of the situation.

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It remains strange …

The entertainer, who was to transport Williams from George Russell in the pits, hit a bridge on the road. The crane for loading the truck was damaged, the liquid leaked. Now you are trying to restore the damaged race car from the truck with an extra crane …

There is no glorious page for the organizers of the race in Baku.

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There are many shaft covers again and again

The free cover of the manhole is nothing new about Formula 1. The city courses are similar even happening. There have been at least one incident of this kind in the last three years:

In 2018 in Monaco, the training had to be interrupted to re-fix the lid. Romain Grosjean was thrown out of the cover of the training shafts in Malaysia in 2017. And Jenson Button also received a lid of a training mine in Monaco in 2016.

This shows: unfortunately, this is not an isolated case, but a special adverse effect on Formula 1 courses that are not permanent.

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It takes …

The race announced that the break in the first practice will last longer. On the one hand, the affected area should be repaired. On the other hand, you want to make sure that incidents with shaft covers do not recur. Probably every cap on the track is now controlled. In length of 6,003 kilometers, it takes time …

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