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These signs point to Luke Honey first

Luke Hannah could become the third winner of Switzerland on the Eurovision Song Contest tonight. Look, you are saying that everyone is talking about the first place.

Probably the most important performance of his life: Tonight is Luke Honey (24) in the grand finale of the Eurovision competition in Tel Aviv (Israel) – and fights for the third win of the ESC in Switzerland. And the signs of a good result are great!

After his sovereign performance in the semifinals on Thursday, Hannley again rose in favor of the betting odds, again ranked fourth. Other indicators also indicate the ultimate result: In the international download charts, his song "She Got Me" is one of the most popular. It is classified in a total of 17 countries. Google's search engine ranks Bernese with the best.

"She Has Me" appears

That's what Luke Honey says about the end of the ESC

The series is fine with Luke Honey

Hanni is happy to be one of the greatest favorites. But he also feels great responsibility. "But the biggest pressure was to reach the finals. The Swiss have not done it too often before, but now the doors are open." Especially since much is good with Luck: He will compete in the second half of the ESC final , as the 24th artist, just before the vote. Later the candidate appears, the better the chance of winning is the ESC thesis.

Mid-year winner Nita believes in him

Add to that the ambition of our sonnyboy: Hanni announced in advance that he had high goals. "I want to get as far ahead," he said. Is it even enough to become the successor of the previous Swiss winners of ESK Lys Asia (1924-2018) and Celine Dion (51)?

Anyway, Honey wants to give him all this tonight (21:00, SRF 1) and "put on the stage at least as in the semifinals." Last year's winner Neta Barzilai, 26, also believes that Luke has a good chance: "He does not need advice from me, he is a very hot and great man, and I think he will do very well." And Honey adds to the fight: "Now everything is possible!"

«We can count on a top score»

Sven Epineus in the final of Luka Hannah in the ESC

So he went with the look of Luke Hannis

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