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The Voice of Germany (Sat.1 / ProSiben): TV viewers completely shocked by the jury – “The biggest wrong decision”

Mark Forster, Samu Haber, Stephanie Closh, Yvonne Caterfeld, Rea Garvey and Nico Santos are the coaches of the Voice of Germany

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Only two places for the semifinals remain in the team of Caterfeld and Closh – also known as “Caterclos”. Who qualified for the next round? A difficult decision.

  • Yvonne Caterfeld and Stephanie Closh are coaches of the Voice of Germany.
  • There are only two places left in the Sing-off.
  • Fans tweeted after the show: “They just don’t want to win.”

Berlin – Juan Geck is in the Sing-off of “The voice of Germany“There. The 28-year-old tried his luck three years ago and decided to join Yvonne Caterfeld’s team. But she opted for another candidate during the singles and knocked out Juan just before the semifinals. He is now one of the stars of the music show – and will try again this year. New team, new luck? No, Juan decided again in 2020 for the singer and will be included in the team of Yvonne Caterfeld and Stefan Closh. In retrospect, the ousting of Juan in 2017 is a big mistake for Yvonne, for which he has deeply regretted since. But even if the 40-year-old girl makes up for her mistake, TV viewers are sure she made the next mistake this year.

In the video: Juan with his version of “Pray” by Sam Smith

Singing of “Voice of Germany” 2020: Juan Geck by Olli Henrich?

Juan Geck performs “Pray” by Sam Smith – and receives applause for his singing and his performance. However, the 28-year-old can not only receive praise from the coaches, but also get a few points of criticism. Nico Santos also explained why: “You look amazing, you have incredible range and you sing everything here.” But at the same time he was looking for more talent from the talent: there: Who is actually Juan and what do you really want to show people? “, Reports Bild.de. Oliver Henrich opted for the cover version of Singer Demi Lovato. The 38-year-old also impressed the jury with “Warrior”. At the end of the show, a decision is made between Juan Deck and Oliver Henrich. Yvonne Caterfeld chooses Juan and does not throw him out again.

Fans of “Voice of Germany”: Big disappointment in the decision of TVOG: “I am shocked …”

“I can hear the feeling in my stomach. And when I saw the performance, the feeling in my stomach was yes! “Yvonne said. Juan was very happy – yes Oliver must leave the show. Unexplained decision for TV viewers – they vented their anger and frustration on Twitter and Instagram: “NO – how can you get rid of Oliver? We hope a record label has seen his gigs and he can continue on his way here, “and:” Steffi and Yvonne, you are not serious about Oliver’s release! Or, “I’m shocked by your decisions today. You can’t let Ollie go! “- user comments are increasing.

Former Voice of Germany candidate Olli Heinrich launches live chat on Instagram

© Instagram-Story / www.instagram.com/ollihenrich

Voice of Germany candidate Olli Henrich: Singer launches live chat on Instagram

Will Yvonne and Stephanie regret it Rock singer to be released? “They just do not want to win,” a TV viewer tweeted. The coaches, Steffi and Yvonne, have not yet commented on their decision – but Olli Henrich. He wants to open a live stream on Instagram at 8pm on November 30th to answer questions from his fans: “Tomorrow. “The debriefing is live here on Instagram, on November 30, at 20:00,” the rock singer commented on his Instagram story. Is he upset by the decision of his former coaches – or will he inform his fans about his future plans? Olli Henrikh can definitely count on the support of his fans in his further music career.

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