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The top mobile phone does not wait in these colors

Which colors will the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 come in? The blog will now get the answer to this question – and compared to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there are several changes.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is colorful: In these colors, the highest mobile phone expects us

Source: GIGA – Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is planned in five colors

According to the information from MySmartPrice Galaxy Note 10 should appear in the beginning in five colors. In addition to the usual suspects black, white and silver, the premium smartphone can also be available in red and pink. As always, it is unclear whether the group will really offer all the colors in all markets. Often, the entire palette is offered only in the home country of South Korea, while the rest of the world – at least initially – must be satisfied with less choice. After all, five colors show that the palette can become even firmer over time. The predecessor, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, was originally launched in Metallic Copper, Lavender Purple, Midnight Black and Ocean Blue. Later, the premium mobile phone with S Pen was still available in Alpine white and cloudy silverware in some countries.

It is also unclear whether all versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 appear in the above five colors. Because the manufacturer, probably, also "Galaxy Note 10 Pro" will announce, the red or pink version of the standard model can be retained. Or Samsung is surprised by the colorful Galaxy Note 10e, which is offered with weaker hardware, but in many colors.

When equipped, the Galaxy Note 10 should look like the Galaxy S10 5G. What we think of Samsung's current superb model, you can see here in the video:

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Presentation in August

Samsung will present its upcoming flagship in August 2019 to the public. For prices, there is no information, but less than 1,000 euros, even the default version of the startup should not be available. Pro model is based on a 5G module and possibly a larger screen. The memory should be up to 12 GB in it.

How can the Galaxy Note 10 look like, you will learn in the photo gallery:

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: So chic could be the ultimate smartphone with S Pen.

According to First Leaks, Samsung wants to market a Galaxy Note 10 galaxy, especially on the battery. At the moment, more capacity and charging of at least 25 watts is expected. Also, the pen S Pen is likely to be upgraded and can even be extended to a photo function.

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