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As if it was still necessary! But Marco Reus really wants more. More support. More noise. He turns his arms towards the audience. And actually. He gets more. It is incredibly loud.

3: 2 leads Dortmund with Bayern, 85 minutes. And Reus is not just a driver. He is a big man of the evening. At least if nothing else happens. He scored 1: 1 for BVB. And it's 2: 2. And now it works and works and it still works. He pushes the balls behind him. And he sets the front salvo at the last salvo.

Five minutes of added time. This causes excitement in black and yellow. Then three more
Minutes, coach Dortmund Lucien Favre shows it with his fingers. Two more, one more. And then the ball is at the BVB gate. The whole Bayern-Bank is storming the lawn. 3: 3 at the 95th minute. Yes, it would be 3: 3. It would be the third goal of Robert Lewandowski. If on the sideline the assistant would not raise the flag. Flagged for offside. After a short time, everything ends. What a crazy game. Perfect for this week.

HollywoodRebirth with Hoeness

Last Tuesday, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" turns Bavaria into the theme of the day. Page 3, «Lieschen Müller Association» Bad title. 6559 Bad letters.

On October 19, the heads of Bayern, Uli Hoeness and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, read the Levites to journalists at a media conference that has since become famous and no longer want to endure the relationship "jealous and polemical". They all seriously refer to art. 1 of the German Basic Law: "Human dignity is inviolable." A few minutes later, Hoeness draws a former Bayern player, Bernat. What in the Champions League once played "shit".

Video: Tire head of Bayern

Hoeness, Rumenigge and Salihamidzic do not hold back. Video: Youtube / Bayern Munich

This look resembles the rebirth of FC Hollywood. This fits the episode of Lieschen Müller, which is actually called Lisa Müller and published last weekend on Instagram: "Over 70 minutes to the time has a flash of inspiration." In the picture, to see your husband Tomasz with trainer Niko Kovac, immediately before the Substitute, when 1: 1 against Freiburg. Müller says after the match: "I do not think it's great too, but she loves me, what should I do?"

Bayern later reported on the website, Lisa Müller apologized, and coach Kovac accepted the apology. "Süddeutsche Zeitung" jokes: "This is the power that this club is currently giving: the power to raise a small role to the status of a state affair by means of an official communication."

millersWhat are Thomas and Lisa doing?

This time Müller has been playing from the beginning. He runs in the depths. He screams. He waves his hands. His problem in the first half: when the ball is there, it's mostly there. And when the ball is there, it's usually there. In the second half he has an important contact with the ball, that is in the 52nd minute. A few seconds later Lewandowski shoots his second goal. Bayern is leading again. But when Bayern comes back 2: 3 and absolutely needs a goal, Müller must leave the field in the 82nd minute. What disseminates Mrs. Müller? Nothing. At least not on Instagram. Now he is just pulling out his tongue. It's a post before the match.

History lessonKovac, Caesar and Troy

He did not miss this week before the match, otherwise there is no day without more history around Bayern. Hoeness prepares her trip. The international player Kimmich, like Oli Kahn, calls for "eggs". Worry for the seals! Hoeness would not be so bad if FC Bayern had not mastered at least once. James provokes Kovaca! Hoeness begs for beaten Bayern members to return. And again and again the coach's question. Mole got buried in the Bayern cabin and provides an "image" of Kovac's internal and critical player kits. The trainer suspects treason: "There were enough examples in history, whether it was Troy or Caesar." There must always be something bigger in Bayern.

woundedHitz instead of Bürki in the goal

The match will be transferred to 204 countries. For the 99 Dortmund – Bayern or Bayern – Dortmund. 81 365 viewers. There are 24,454 people on the South Stand. Yellow wall. The largest ramp in Europe. It is a long tingling, long before the game begins.

Dortmund must play without Roman Bürka, statistically the best goalkeeper this season Bundesliga. A bruise prevents the Swiss from taking over the national team next week. For Bürki, the next Swiss player moves to BVB: Marwin Hitz.

A duel of a generationYoung BVB, old FCB

It is a match of two generations of footballers. As Dortmund with Winterthur Akanji (23) and Zagadou (France, 19) and Hakimi (Morocco, 20) in defense. And with those wild in the storm: 18-year-old Englishman Sancho and 20-year-old Dane Bruun Larsen. Dahoud (22) and Pulisic (20) are sitting on the bench. This is somewhat surprising also for Paco Alcacer. It's only 25. Before yesterday's match, the Spaniard scored seven goals in the Bundesliga in 126 minutes. Hit every 18 minutes. But probably his coach Lucien Favre simply knows that Alcacer is the best when it comes from the bank. The attacker will still appear in the evening.

As support in Bayern before the season Neuer (32), Hummels (29), Boateng (29), Martinez (30), Ribéry (35), Robben (34), Müller (29) and Lewandowski (30) were. Now the seals were missing. And others have not achieved the last result. It was also the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, who recently asked: "Is it advisable to say that some of Hummels and Boateng's defenders are friendly enough to refer to seniors – or, say, Schwebefussball? Is it crap like some people? are they playing? »

It looks at least not deftly when Hummels loses in the 10th minute, as the last player in Bayern, the ball to Reus, and the captain of Dortmund ahead of him only goalkeeper Bayern Manuel Neuer, but then too weakly reaches the goal. Or when Hummels landed again in the second half and he does not advise Dortmund to bugsierenował ball from close distance in the goal. Later, Hummels will say that he is half sick and has a cold. The mission was agreed with Kovac. Hummels can be replaced after the second major error. "Everything was a bit boring and blurred in the head."

AdvertisementOnly one win is good enough

"You do not have to see super-Bayern, but just get a good result in Dortmund," Neuer, the former goalkeeper, added earlier and nachschoben: "We can not lose, we do not necessarily win."

And Bayern is as good as always this season – until the break. They play Powerplay in the first halffootball. Ribéry does not dribble at the age of 35, but at the age of 25. Lewandowski heads into 1-0. Ironically Lewandowski. The Pole attacked once at BVB. Now he likes playing against BVB. That evening he scored goals 11 and 12 against his former club.

But that is not enough. Because the other half is very different from the first one. Because now Dortmund keeps up with pace, and Bayern makes a mistake. The newer gives Reus a chance of falling eleven. 1: 1. BVB can not stop by 1: 2 just three minutes later. He forgives the greatest possibilities in an amazing way. Then Reus strikes again, because he hits the cross at full speed and with full force at the corner (67).

The speaker yells: "What a great goal." And even better for Dortmund. The ball wins Sancho in front of his own penalty field. Dream Pipe Witsel. Sprint Alcacer and Lupfer through Neuer to the network. Reus later says, "It was a really amazing game." Dortmund has already returned from behind. In contrast to Fürth. Leipzig. Hoffenheim. Leverkusen. Augsburg.

The main inventorAnything else with Favre?

It was a good year: Seven rounds are played in the Bundesliga, Dortmund holds 1, five points ahead of Bayern. Everyone is delighted with the offensive football under the new BVB coach Peter Bosz, Bayern rejects Carlo Ancelotti. Then Jupp Heynckes again struck his German shepherd Cando and came to Munich again. Eight months later, the 73-year-old returns the team to the first place – 29 points ahead of the fourth team Dortmund.

Is this time with BVB you can go down the same way as under the Dutch Bosz, who did not survive even more Christmas than the Dortmund coach? No, everyone believes in it. It has to do with this young band, which is only at the beginning of its development. And with her main inventor. Lucien Favre, 61, from Saint-Barthélemy in the Vaud canton.

For Favre 3-2 came "illogically" because of the performance in the second half. He was sure that during the Bavarian break they could not keep up. Now seven points ahead of Bayern BVB. Of course, the first dream of the championships. Only not Favre. Many teams are strong in the Bundesliga. And: "If Bayern plays like today – poh, po, poh." Will means: then he trusts everyone.

The trainer's questionAnd what about Kovac?

The question to Bayern is: What is happening now with Kovac? Can you lose your job after such a match? These Bayern players certainly did not play against their coach yesterday. And if it's true, what Uli Hoeness, 47, said, at least he did not expect a release. Hoeness is going
"I will defend Kovac to the brim." And he said this week: "Nothing has changed, my testimony is not always valid for two or three weeks." (

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