Sunday , May 16 2021

The Geneva Cantonal Parliament seeks Maudet's resignation

The cantonal parliament adopted a resolution calling for the resignation of Moody. Against Maudet is running a procedure for accepting benefits. He confirmed that he did not want to rely on political pressure.

The resolution submitted by the Ensemble à Gauche party last September was adopted by 66 votes for 8 and 15 abstentions. She has to serve Maudet as "decision-making help," said Deputy Pierre Vanek from Ensemble à Gauche. He added: "This Kaspertheater must stop."

The cantonal government did not comment on the resolution in parliament. Pierre Modé explained in his personal name that he apologized for his unworthy behavior, which was inappropriate for his office. At the same time, he stressed that he does not want to relinquish political pressure.

Then he criticized lawmakers who violated official secrecy by transferring documents. "I'm happy to fight, I was not selected to be killed," Modde called in the hall.

Only late Thursday night, the Geneva Cantonal Parliament decided to extend the suspension of Maudet's immunity. Hence, the public prosecutor can act against him for accepting further benefits and sums of money.

Fired immunity

The first request to waive immunity in connection with the trip to Abu Dhabi was already adopted in September last year. The request to continue the waiver of immunity now concerns the financial benefits that Maudet is said to have received from the Manotel Group.

The main focus of the investigation is on two organizations, to which the hospital group has transferred a total of 105,000 francs. In addition, the group financed a Maudet birthday worth 20,000 Swiss francs.

Last Wednesday, the Geneva government restructured its departments. Maudet was transferred – against his will – to the newly created Department of Economic Development. He will continue to be responsible for economic development, research and innovation. Palaxpo, the duty-free warehouse and the Geneva tourism remain under his control. However, the security policy file was withdrawn.

Due to the ongoing criminal proceedings, he was already deprived of numerous powers in mid-September. At that time, the Director of Liberal Security had to hand over the regional council and control over the police and the airport.

In any case, the sick state council no longer trusts the leadership of the party at cantonal and national level – only the base still shows support for Maudet. (SDA)

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