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The game of surviving the construction soon to play in Endless mode

Frostpunk: Survival Construction game will soon be played in Endless mode

November 18, 2018 at 21:07:

Infinite mode includes the third free update in the "frosty survival" strategy. More details in the Developer's Diary.

A strategic game called "Frostpunk" should receive a free update in endless mode in the next few days. The update will be published later than planned because developers think that it has added even more content to it.

In June this year, 11-bit studies added the Survivor mode later and free of charge (we reported). In September the expansion of The Fall of Winterhome appeared. More information about the additive can be found here.

The new Endless mode is divided into two sub-modes: Endurance and Tranquility. The first one is designed as a challenge in which you expect random events.

In Serenity mode, the player can build and develop his city peacefully. The resources are abundant and the weather conditions are not so ruthless.

The programmer's diary can be seen in the film. There, the infinite mode is presented in more detail.

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