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"The bevels were never bigger" – that's what the press says about GC chaos

Then he laughed, now spent only nine weeks in office: former President Reciter. Picture: KEYSTONE

"The bevels were never bigger" – that's what the press says about GC chaos

After the relegation of the Challenge League, the future of the famous champions in the GC record is completely open. Yesterday, President Stephen Rickier resigned. Leadership and, perhaps without a concept, attracted Grasshoppers in the new season.


«GC no longer exists», on the front pages of "Neu Zürich Zeitung". A few years in the League of challenges to be healthy? "GC with his history could not survive this. The comments were never greater than they were now." was a kind of phantom club, without a president, without a sports director, without a manager, and in fact without a team. "This June 5 is the day when the Locusts Club officially ceased to be what it always loved and always wanted to be: a top Swiss club."


«And they continue to descend from themselves» writes Tages-Anzeiger. The pace of Rieter's departure was a record, "even for GC's relations." The chaos, the newspaper continues, is firmly entering the club in Nidherhasli. "The picture it gives is dramatic." In the end, many questions remained unanswered. «Who will be president of Aniller and Stuber? Who will fill the board? Who will be the Executive Director? »


«Record champion sinks in insignificance», says "look." The tabloid leaf is the diagnosis: "Even if it sounds dark: The club is now more dead than alive". There is a gloomy picture that will not appeal to the supporters: "That GC one day plays in Swiss top football is again a role more debatable than ever." "The record champion becomes provincial Klübli." "There, for non-initiated, Grasshoppers set up their training center a few years ago.


"He started building something. You do not have anything now »says the expert G.C. from the SRF. He says: "GC is currently without leadership". The club now has no direct appearance in his view, considers it fatal. He still has to remain a goal: "G.C. can not live in the League of challenges. It's inconceivable."


«Charging for record champions», means a portal for the state of the club. The next chapter in "Chaos Club GC" is a fundamental amendment to Swiss football. "Since the chances that the record champion will soon play again in the highest league, the sinking with the budget has dropped enormously." "The next season, Lausanne and Arau will probably fight for a climb again." Whether the GC will be able to keep up, stand still questionable.

The portal has editor-in-chief, who was once a member of the legendary GC Family, allowed him to enter the stadium as GC Kid in the hands of Kim Jagi. He describes how his enthusiasm becomes less and less. "The past season was, of course, the absolute culmination of self-destruction, because GC is not just down: in fact, they managed to accomplish the unimaginable, that you should be embarrassed as a Hopper fan up to now … It seems that my GC-fan soul went out. "

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Coach of G.C. Forte shocked: "I'm wondering how it goes"

The Grasshoppers do not come to rest. The new president was scarcely there, he went again. An external consultant with him. Turn off the budget. Direct revival can not be the ultimate goal anymore.

Glorious record champion G.C. Sinking into chaos. After the first relegation of the Champions League after 70 years, President Stephen Richieer threw the beggar. In just nine weeks, he led the former Constantinople Nobel club. Obviously, the shareholders cut off the money and provided the second class a much narrower budget than the president called for an immediate resurgence.

The reticen had with Bernhard Husler and Georg Haitz two …

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