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It starts – of course – with an overview. Lisbeth Salander plays chess with his sister Camilla in the salon of the family residence. But then the violent father calls the children and feels what should come: to save himself, little Lisbeth jumps through the fence on the balcony and descends down the snow.

Video – Trailer for «The girl in the spider web»

As soon as the starting credits of "Girl in the Spider's Network" are completed, the uncertainty is rising again. The presumed executive beat his wife in his apartment. But while the wife is still banging for fear, now the adult Liesbeth (Claire Fuy) intervenes, seizes the culprit and clips upside down on the ceiling.

Unequal hero duo

There has never been so much action in the shortest time in the previous "Millennium" films – neither in the Swedish original trilogy of 2009, nor in the American remake "The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" (2011) by David Fincher. For good reason: All these adjustments to the success stories of Stig Larson, who died in 2004, lived from the terror that occurred in the mind of the viewer.

It's about serial killings, crime, racism, and it was an unequally spirited hero – the stubborn journalist Mikael Blomquist and the hacker Lisbeth Salander. Both of them opposed organized crime with excellent combination skills, the action was just bis.

Video – Extract from «Destiny» (2009)

Quite different now in the new adaptation, based on the published novel "Conspiracy" from 2015, written by journalist David Lagerkentz. A computer inventor named Franz Balder developed a program on behalf of the US Security Agency, which allows simultaneous access to all nuclear warheads on Earth. Boulder complains of the "monster" he created and sought help from Salander – which turns Sweden into a hunting ground for all types of legal and illegal organizations. That means many chases.

Only half the price

The duration action also provides a key to understanding why the Hollywood studio Sony After a seven-year break, the expected continuation of the "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" did not materialize (although director Fischer and the main actress Rooney Mara repeatedly expressed interest). Sony has a series of "Millennium" reboot, so it's rebooted, subjected and filled with new staff. Why?

First: effort and income. "A Dragon Tattoo Girl" was relatively expensive with a $ 95 million budget, was nominated for five Oscars and won the Best Prize. But Sony was not really pleased with the revenue of $ 232 million. The present movie With a budget of $ 43 million is only half the price – with at least constant expectations of profit from the studio.

From the pizza of the nurse, the film gets its best moments.

Second, cast. "A Dragon Tattoo" was a film that confused the genre fans and promised a spectacle where no one could see. The actor of the British Bond, Daniel Craig, of all people, is playing Mikael Blomquist, a worker shirt that avoids physical efforts, while Salander took the coal out of the fire.

So understandable that Sony has come to the conclusion: Lisbeth Salander must be in the center, Blomkvist is only suitable as auxiliary actor. It fits with the zeitgeist. There were rarely many heavy heroines in mainstream cinema as always – from Wonder Woman to Lara Croft ("Tomb Raider") and Elastigirl ("Incredibles 2") to Laurie Strode ("Halloween"). Some of these numbers carry more or less explicit message # MeToo. It is most clear in the "Girl on a spider web", where the father who was traumatized by his father becomes a waving.

To clarify the new distribution of roles in the Sony Millennium series, not only new faces are needed on the screen (Claire Fuy like Salander, Sverr Gudsonon as Blomkvist), but also a narrative refresher.

Three scriptwriters

Seen in this way, what happens in the current movie is consistent: You start with the work "Millennium", which – unlike Stig-Larson's three books – is still not filmed, so fans of the film promise something new. There is also a new opponent: the long-lost twin sister Lisbeth Camilla (Sylvia Hawks).

Director Fede Alvarez has transformed the tusker to this sister in a cool setting. He allows the blonde Camilla to squeeze through snow and ice as a red baptismal memorial, while the dark-haired Lysbeth eventually does not enter a vacuum bag for a vacuum cleaner, wrapped like a baby, robbed of her breath. From this family tragedy, the film gets its best moments.

Pictures – Clare Foy also played here

By contrast, drawings with striking faces fell along the road. Three screenwriters are active, but they still fail to open up the disasters that presented the previous "Millennium" films for their emotional drive. Lisbeth Salander is no longer a ticking social bomb in the "Girl in the Spider's Web", but a safe fighting machine. And even the secret relationship between Blomkvist and his (married) publisher is no longer appropriate for something forbidden. Simply displayed.

sins of omission

All in all, the "Girl in the Spider's Web" is a step in the right direction, but also work with sins of omission. Physical force intertwined with psychological disadvantages. We see lifting, we hear the constant crawling and walking of the soundtrack, we notice a few too repetitive scenes and we see the heroine, who finally enjoys the Millennium series that deserves. Even if it is at the expense of her character.

As it continues, it seems to be predictable. If the current movie is successful, there will probably be no return for Sony to the success stories of Stieg Larsson. Instead, David Lagerkenz's latest novel ("The Watching Girl", 2017) is likely to make the next film adaptation. The book, of course, refers to the difficult childhood of Lisbeth.

From Thursday to cinemas. (Tages-Anzeiger)

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