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Seats of Salas have obviously been found

Since January 21, professional football player Emiliano Salla, 28, has disappeared after flying a small plane on a journey from Nantes to Cardiff. Now, in Normandy, two airports are likely to belong to the missing plane.

According to British media, two places for an airplane were washed on Monday in the French city of Surtainville (the Normandy region). Preliminary investigations show that these places "most likely" belong to the missing plane that travels Argentine football professional Emiliano Salla.

According to this discovery, the investigation will be organized with a special underwater search engine. Due to bad weather conditions and water conditions, the new search can not be started by the end of this week, according to an announcement by the Affiliate Aircraft Accident Investigation (AAIB).

In this area you now need to look around 10 square kilometers for more airborne parts.

Emiliano Salla and airline pilot David Ibbotsson have been missing for more than a week. Hall signed a deal with Cardiff shortly before his disappearance and was one of the top scorers of the French League 1. He and his pilot traveled by a small plane from Nantes to Cardiff. (RWE)

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