Friday , April 16 2021

Police Tesla: Data Protector gives the green light

Once the privacy scandal around the new police Teslas gives protection to the data the green light for use – but with the conditions.

For the first time this weekend, Basler's police patrolled the new Teslas. So far, two of the seven new alarm airports will be used. The privacy advocate today issued editions green light.

The first converted to the Basel police Tesla X-100 D was already shipped in December. Now police training has been completed, the Justice and Police Department of the Basel-City Canton (JSD) said on Friday.

Eight recommendations from a privacy advocate

In addition, the final report of the cantonal data protection officer on the use of new high-tech vehicles is also available. According to the announcement, the cantonal police will adopt the eight recommendations that Data Protection Commissioner Bit Rudin lists in his report. According to Rudin, nothing stands in the way of Tesla's use.

The Personal Data Protection Officer recommends:

  1. to check the deactivation of automatic image data transmission during incidents that are relevant to security.
  2. the possible project, despite the conviction of December 27, 2018, to activate Dashcam in alarms for alarms, eventually submits to the data protection officer for prior checking.
  3. to ensure that the features of Dashcam are still in accordance with the regulations of the cantonal police when updating the firmware.
  4. to regulate the use of the synchronization function with data from the mobile phones of the occupants of the vehicle.
  5. to process data collected from sensors that can be obtained from employees, to create the necessary legal basis for employment (for example, service regulations) and
  6. Organizational measures to ensure that data is processed only as justified and proportionate.
  7. not to limit the collection and transmission of data from the road segment.
  8. to file important changes in the configuration of the hardware / software relevant to the data protection of the data protection officer for prior checking.

One of Rudin's recommendations is the replacement of the Tesla SIM card by a Swiss operator. The cantonal police also refrains from activating dashcam in vehicles or collecting and transmitting data for a segment segment.

Two vehicles in use

Of the three so far delivered by Tesla, only two will be used from this weekend, as requested by the JSD. The third car remains a reserve in the garage. The remaining four Teslas have to arrive in Basel by the end of the year.

With the new Teslas, Basel replaced his previous Mercedes-Benz alarm icon. With a price of 140,000 CHF, Tesla is about 50,000 CHF more expensive than the appropriate diesel vehicle. For Teslas, he persuaded authorities in terms of economy and environmental protection.

Tesla's acquisition caused anxiety in the city canton. The JSD came into the area of ​​fire of criticism because it gave up the lack of another tenderer tender. It also complained that, despite the wealth of data collected by Tesla, the OPO was included in the procurement decision.

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