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Phishing attack on Revolut customers from smartphones

The British bank Revolut is currently agitating its customers. The challenge was fraud, the Tages-Anzeiger reported on Wednesday. In a matter of minutes, a huge sum of 30,000 francs was stolen from a Swiss bank customer of Digital Bank. Obviously, cybercriminals have managed to gain access to his revolt account.

This was followed by Blick's readers, who experienced similar things. For months, hackers have been trying to steal Revolut's customer accounts for months with phishing attacks. "A few days ago I received an extremely well-forged SMS message from Revolut," reads a BLIC reader. He was asked to verify his Revolut account with a mobile number and PIN. But the BLICK reader smelled like baking. Clicking on the link will open the door for hackers to save.

Fraudulent real address

Same picture with other readers: They also received a fake SMS message from Revolut – almost no one fell for it. Not so Enrico Paganini *. He was the victim of a phishing attack. "I got a text message on the same SMS channel, where Revolut also sends me a six-digit access code, asking me to check my account with Revolut," says Paganini.

Revolut's Internet address in the message seemed deceptively real, according to Paganini. Only a small dot under the name Smartphone Bank differed from the original address. "Unknowingly I clicked on the Revolut link and verified my code," says Paganini. The result: The hackers were given access to the BLICK reader account.

It was on July 2. On July 5, he received a message from the Revolution asking whether he, Paganini, made three transactions in one day. Apparently, on July 5, foreigners took thousands of francs in several tranches. Paganini told Revolut he may have been a victim of a phishing attack. Then began a long and difficult communication with the bank.

No one responds

Pagans still lack the money. "For weeks I talked with the revolt almost every day," says Paganini. Nothing happened. Meanwhile, Paganini reportedly had contact with more than a dozen Revolut employees.

"Since you can only talk to the bank in writing, everything is much slower," the reader BLIK criticized. "You're sorry, and then you send me to the responsible team." But nothing happens.

Paganini himself says that until recently he was still "enthusiastic" about the Revolution. "In the meantime, my self-esteem has dropped to zero."

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