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Oliver Zipsey – or destroying BMW • emotionally

What's Next With BMW? This is a key issue for CAZ for the new CEO of Oliver Zips. Meal recording of interview.

As it was known that Harald Krueger was vacant ahead of the BMW lead in order to prevent being ejected, a sigh of shock passed through the e-car community. Finally locked in with the SUV and diesel madness, talk of "technological openness" – instead, a clear commitment to electric mobility!

Now heir Oliver Zipsse gave the first interview in his new role. But contrary to expectations, the words of the new leader of the brand group and especially of the staff could not be more irritating. That the "new" sees their home well prepared for the future – as a gift – is one of the things a CEO has to say, no matter how hot the cottage is.

But then the conversation was going on, and we were no longer thrilled to be emotionally overwhelmed by this BMW interview (as usual in German journalism) later on as well.

Thus, the BMW boss actually sees the main culprit for the devastating environmental balance of his house with the client. In principle, he owns electric cars for excitement. And environmental protection is secondary anyway: "If the choice falls off the ground, we'll deliver it."

Here are some quotes from this interview interview – plus our thoughts that went through our heads as we read:

To change the car industry

Zips: "It's not about electric mobility, connectivity or autonomous driving as individual themes, but about the coincidence of these phenomena."

emobly thinks: Oliver Zips has spent his entire professional life in BMW. He is an expert in the automotive industry. To pretend that these three innovations suddenly fell from the sky is alien to the world.

Zipse: “The development of these components is very expensive. But as customers' willingness to pay does not increase to the same extent, the pressure on costs increases. So we have to pay much more attention to where we can tap into potential. It's happening in BMW right now. "

emobly thinks: Manager's first attempt to blame the client for lack of innovation. When it announces that it needs to look at where it can "gather potential," it means we are over-saturated and have not done our homework.

At the new competition of side participants

Zipsey: "There's no real newcomer."

emobly thinks: Tesla. And this other new start-up … what's the name of China?

Until the environmental debate

Zipsey: "New vehicles with state-of-the-art technology are a very effective contribution to combating climate change."

emobly thinks: The Autobosses answer to the Klimakiller No. 1 is therefore even more (combustion) cars. Um …

Zipsey: "New vehicles with state-of-the-art technology are a very effective contribution to combating climate change."

QAZ interviewers now question whether Zips even pleads for a new lifting premium:

Zipse: “Scraping is the wrong word. Let's call it the impulse for innovation. "

emobly thinks: hmpf … (reaches Jägermeister bottle)


Zipse: “We will avoid these payments. If, next year, CO2 emissions targets continue to be adjusted, we will be there, even if it seems to me excessive how electrical mobility is currently overstated as a panacea. ”

Zipse: "Batteries are technically another driving concept, nothing more."

Emotionally Thoughts: Exactly! A phone without physical keys will never prevail!

The future of i3

Zipse: "The i3 remains the most innovative mass production vehicle in the world because of its design."

Zipsey: “Investments are written off, we make money with every i3. Why in God's name should we give up on this car that is now in its heyday? We're sure: i3 still has great potential! “

Emotionally Thoughts: Would you say if we put ourselves on the wrong horse for the next few years, nothing more than a 7-year-old city car. (Discovery: The author of these lines drives the i3 himself and is pleased with the car!)

The future of the IAA

Zipse: "The IAA will continue in the future, despite all the car debates."

emotional calls: (Jägermeister all)Cheers!

The future of the SUV

Zipsse: “This is a very German debate, which unfortunately is only emotionally driven. It is amazing that vehicles of similar size with camping equipment are not attacked at all. "

Emotionally Thoughts: … and aircraft carrier! No one talks about aircraft carriers!

You can read the full interview of PayZ here (Paywall). What is the future of BMW thinking? Are you, like us, of the opinion that the people of Munich are on the wrong track? We look forward to your comments.

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