Wednesday , June 16 2021

Now against the world number one – The efficient Benčić also defeated Aleksandrova – Sport

Now against the world number one – Efficient Benchic also wins Aleksandrova – Sport – SRF

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Belinda Benčić takes 6 out of 7 played against Ekaterina Aleksandrova and wins 6: 4, 6: 2. In the second round, Naomi Osaka waits.

Belinda Benčič's self-confidence (VTA 23) rises and rises. Proof? In the third round in Indian Wells vs Ekaterina Alexandrova (VTA 59), the Swiss from Eastern Switzerland played important moments:

  • Bancic manages a total of 6 breaks. Only one chance leaves them unused (Quote: 86 percent).
  • Alexandrova comes to 14 handballs. But Benčić annulled 11 of them (rate: 79 percent).

So, it is not surprising that the result of 6: 4, 6: 2 in favor of the Swiss proved clear. However, Banchic still has room for improvement, for example, in the second place. Against Aleksandrov, the 22-year-old made 5 double mistakes.

10 wins in a row

With the 3rd round success, Bencic extended the winning streak in 10 matches. The Swiss defeated the last defeat at the end of January in St. Petersburg against Veronica Cudermetova.

If the successful story continues, Benchic must defeat Naomi Osaka in the second round. The last duel against the Japanese world number 1 was decided by the Swiss in 2018 at the Hopman Cup for themselves.


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