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Nico Hissier is not the only discovery for the World Cup

One-third, three hits – but Niko Hishier is not the only one he reveals about the World Cup

NHL center Nico Hissier reserved three goals in the national team's debut. But a big surprise at 6-0 against France is Philip Kureshev. We have two new centers at the World Cup.

Sierra is the size of Olten or Langenthal and has a rich hockey culture. Although Sier never became a master. But recently, at least once again, he climbed to the second highest league. But what does the national championship mean? Sierre is a hockey culture with great names.

Forty years ago, here in the autumn of 1979, Jacques Lemar was the first NHL center in our country to win the Stanley Cup. Because the Sierre offer ($ 70,000 per season-free tax) was better than Montreal Canadiens' offer at the time, the 34-year-old Canadian moved for the second-highest league in Switzerland for two years. He booked in two seasons in 66 matches 132 points. However, it was not enough to climb.

And now Niko Hishier (20). One to whom the North Americans dare a career like that of Jacques Lemar. Titan of our hockey. He celebrated his first international match in artificial ice Greben v. France. In an arena that is so loud, so narrow and so low that the visitor understands what the Gauls felt. They were afraid that the sky could fall on their heads.

Nico Hishier is laced. He finished his second season in the NHL with New Jersey (69 games / 47 points) and now plays his first international team. In his homeland, and yet his homeland: he grew up in Upper Valais, speaking German, and grew up in Visp. But Sier is Lower Valais, Francofon and Visp. The Valeisans say that if it is possible to combine Sier's passion with Vispa's management and the money and chutzpah of Christian Constantine, they would have a club in the NHL.

Naturally, Nico Hissier is simply Waleser in the national team's debut. He will not be honored with a special ceremony before the match. Neutral viewer does not notice until the end of the third, a red dress player is now a famous NHL star.

Leonardo Gennoni at the World Cup

"Permanent ovation," long-standing joy, stood together with listening to speech, has only three of his hits in the last third – but then celebration knows no boundaries. So is in Sier: the high Vala should do something special, until it is celebrated in Dolna Vala. 4500 came. Sold out.

The game is a festival from the very beginning anyway. Again and again the "Ola-Vele" roars through the stadium. The French, now only champion backbenchers, are perfect opponents. They do not spoil the spectacle with a defensive game.

Switzerland dominates from the beginning at will. After one third, it could have been 5-0 or 6-0 (15-3 strokes per goal). They are still competing without the finalists of the playoffs and without the novel Josie and Janick Webber. The two NHL defenders from Nashville immediately received a World Cup clearance. National coach Patrick Weber says he expects two for training next Tuesday.

And so the interest is even more concentrated on Niko Hishier. He leads a North American storm: Kevin Fiala (Minnesota / NHL) and Vincent Purplan (Farm Team Florida) move on to the exterior ribbons. However, the trio is our best line only in the second half of the game.

Philip Kurassev (19), in fact, the younger and only at the end of the season for three games in the center of the team of Chicago, dominated Gorgi Hoffman and Andres Ambul for the first 30 minutes and for Grigori Hoffman for 1: 0. Finally, he score the last goal at 6: 0.

Philip Kurashev. Picture: KEYSTONE

National coach Patrick Fischer did not surprise this serious debut. "He played for juniors for almost a whole season and when we called him, we did not know how to win against the adults, but he was so good at our training that this good debut did not surprise me any more."

Philip Curash is probably the fastest Swiss on the first meter. Spectacular, dynamic racer and playmaker. Despite having played a younger hockey in North America, most of the season (59 games / 65 points), he is quick and difficult for the "real" World Cup. The 2018 NHL 2018 (Chicago) was the top scorer of our semi-final team in the seven U20 U20 championships.

Nico Hissier scored his second unofficial 2-0 scorer with second aid (not given by the referees) before becoming his first national team in the final, with a hat-trick of 3-0, 4-0 and 5-0. they celebrate.

He dominated the game in the same way as in the NHL: more through his phenomenal intelligence than through spectacular runs. On the way to a really great center.

He gives friendly and modest information after the match. These are the usual statements. Niko Hishier is not a man of controversy and big words. He is a man of strong works. He looked calm and composed after the NHL debut on October 7, 2017, with New Jersey v. Colorado. He was visually noticeable then than in the national team's debut but remained in the 4-1 win in the first NHL game without a scorer's point.

Of course, the victory against this France is just a compulsory exercise. This game does not say anything about whether we at the World Cup like last year's finalist trumpet and our game against greater resistance can prevail.

And yet, the yield can be modest with six hits at 29:17. But the insulting power and intensity were remarkable. The Swiss responded to Patrick Fischer's demand for a "total" hockey. Above all, we have seen two very strong new centers, Filip Kureshev and Niko Hishier. The game of the team is still revolving around the central axis, i.e. center forward.

For the World Cup, this offensive is now supported by several finalists. These are good prospects.

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