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New York Stocks End: Dow in the Plus – transactional dispute resolution expected | 11/16/18

NEW YORK (awp international) – Hopes for an early resolution of a trade dispute between the US and China have helped Wall Street increase on Friday. On the other hand, the disappointing prospects of the two sectors of the IT industry have had a significant impact on Nasdaq technology-based exchanges.

Wall Street Dow Jones Industrial closed the day 0.49 percent to 25 413 222, improving the recovery on Thursday. Dow's loss during the week was reduced to 2.2 percent, and therefore remained with almost a three percent return from the previous week, after all that was left.

S & P500 could also change into positive territory on Friday and closed with a bonus of 0.22 to 2736.27 points. NASDAQ in the heavy technology industry, the Nasdaq 100 index fell by 0.34 percent to 6867.07 points.

The Boersians referred to the profits on Wall Street to the statements of US President Donald Trump. Although he said that China's concessions in the trade dispute were not yet fully acceptable, they gave the impression that there is little missing and a solution is possible. Further fines against the world's second largest economy may fail.

On the other hand, negative news from the technology industry was analyzed more closely by investors. For Nvidia, this led to a fall of almost 19 percent. The end of the Bitcoin boom has gone into the business of a graphics card specialist. Quarterly data and prospects disappointed. The production of the Bitcoin digital currency requires a huge amount of computer resources – and graphic cards are optimal for this. But this year Bitcoin lost more than two-thirds of its value – and it also made the digital currency generation less attractive.

In client insurance, the shares of the AMD microcircuit maker by almost 4 percent. They were among the biggest losers in the technology industry.

On the other hand, Applied Materials materials regained the weak perspective of the chipmaker. After initial losses of just over 4 percent, they eventually increased by just over 1 percent. Some analysts have described price losses in early trading as an attractive entry point to the stock exchange.

Intel scored 1.5 percent in Dow. Here, investors were happy that the chip company increased the share buyback program by $ 15 billion.

On the US bond market, ten-year government bonds gained 10/32 points to 100 14/32 points, yielding 3.072 per cent. The euro exchange rate remained at the close of trading on Wall Street above USD 1.14. Recently, the common currency was USD 1.1416. The European Central Bank previously set the reference price at 1.1346 (Thursday: $ 1.100) dollars. The dollar cost 0.8814 (0.8846) euros./ck/he

— Authorship Claudia Müller, dpa-AFX —

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