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Migros postes Vignyli with a victory against the men's "club" look

Exclusively, the discussion of the dominant men of the past SRF "Club" provided discussion. Now Migros comes in – with Wienerli package.

The SRF "Club" program titled "O man! Virility in crisis!" Challenged even before Tuesday night's broadcast for hot chats: Moderator Barbara Litti (45) spoke in a show with a clean male round, including TV chef Rene Schuddel (42), Cabaret artist Patrick Fray (68) and the old National SVC Advisor Tony Bortoluci (71).

Women's activists were appalled by the composition of the round table – that the woman was missing in the circle of gender issues, was also a big topic on Twitter. Migros also joined the discussion on the broadcasting of the SRF – and apparently criticized the SRF with the Wienerli package. "Welcome to the club!", So comment on the sausage picture and the hashtag #SRFClub.

A "shameless attempt" to participate in a product discourse

In a statement, the Migros community's editorial team said: "Migros does not follow the media criticism. We were defeated by the intense public discourse provoked by the" Club "on this current issue and this was our shameless attempt to participate in this public discourse with our products. "Ironically added:" And another consumer advice: We recommend not to eat M-Budget-Wineries as hot as they are boiled. "

The broadcast's response was mixed up among television viewers. "Excuse me, but in this show we men are ashamed!" Commented on a Twitter user. "That only men discuss is one thing, but that young men completely disappeared, I find them disturbing. Instead of talking about young men, the conversation with young men would be more active," said one critic. "Regardless, Barbara Luti, that you can withstand such conservative people in the club. I can move away from the views of these men only very clearly," the user writes. (CAD)

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