Friday , April 16 2021

Marlboro owner Altria buys Burger sons snus business On! from

The sons Aargauer Burger merged with Altria. Americans take the majority in business in the United States with the oral tobacco product On !.

Snooze is considered to be typical Swedish. Behind !! Ortalbak made it in Helsingborg, but hides a Swiss owner: the brand belongs to the sons Aergauer Burger, the mother who holds the tobacco company Danemann.

Five levels of nicotine

In the United States, Aargauer extends for On! now with Altria: Producer of Malboro and Philip Morris occupies over 80 percent of the US business and paid for $ 372 million. International business with oral tobacco remains with Burger Dunnmann, according to Alteria's statement.

On! is sold to the United States in Sweden and Japan and worldwide through the online store. The Swedish snuff is available in seven flavors and five different nicotine forces. (Mbu / "business shop")

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