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Magazine Friday | Zara has a new logo – and everyone is crazy

Zara's fashion chain has made surprising changes: on social media and the home page of the Spanish fashion house, we are now seeing a new logo for the company – and it's not like people.

The new logo is narrower, higher and much sweeter. The characteristic distances of the original design disappeared – the letters even overlap. This feature appears to be particularly troubling for the Internet.

A Twitter user writes: "The new Zara logo makes me claustrophobic". A statement that is often read online for the new logo.

Of course, the memes did not wait for long. Here's a design forecast in eight years:

Or this comparison: "The new Zara logo is my attempt to squeeze into her clothes …"

Who's behind the design?

Twitter was speculating on the controversial new logo. "This is the worst type I've seen in years, does any of these new robots do what will replace people?" User tweets. Another fun, which probably the intern has designed the new logo.

In fact, the logo comes from the renowned advertising agency in New York, Baron and Baron. So, it's not surprising that the font strongly resembles the Harper's Bazaar's logo logo: Fabien Baron, art director and owner of the agency, designed the magazine's logo in 1992.

Against the trend

Zara is one of the many fashion brands that have changed their logo in recent months. However, the Spanish fashion house seems to be clearly against the tide. Because while brands such as Burberry or Yves Saint Laurent removed all the prospects in their new logo and put a clean design, Zara does exactly the opposite. And even if the new logo does not pull out at the moment, it attracted much attention.

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