Tuesday , September 21 2021

Lezigrund in Zurich: FCC fans meet in front of the stadium near Korona and sing

Before the match against Lausanne, a large number of FCZ fans gathered in front of the Lecigrund Stadium in Zurich. “They were standing on the corner and blocking the street,” said one local. The mood was calm. “When the FCC bus arrived, they sang for about five minutes.” He does not understand this procedure and is revolted that it will be tolerated.

“I am a FCZ fan, but in the current situation such a thing is unfair to the hospital staff. “For example, it would be possible for anyone to stand at a distance from the street and form an alley instead of being on a heap or even singing.” Most fans wore a mask, but it is not a free pass for a forbidden gathering.

FCZ confirms action: “The team was received by the fans to motivate them for the game,” said spokesman Finn Sulzer. Zurich city police are also familiar with the fan group. Observe the situation. This is under control.

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