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Juso introduces a new initiative – Switzerland: Standard

99 percentinitiative apparently comes from. The Young Socialists (Yuso) collected 115,000 signatures when the president of the party Tamara Funiciello confirmed on Sunday the report of "Central Switzerland on Sunday".

Juso will have until April 3 to sign signatures for the Federal Chancellery. However, thanks to the collected signatures, there is a chance that the popular initiative "Free the wages, tax capital fairly" will be passed to the people to vote.

Stronger taxation of capital income

The 99% initiative requires taxation of 150% capital income as required by law. The surplus created is aimed at reducing the taxation of people with low or medium incomes or transfers to social welfare.

Juso are also supported by their mother with their request. President SP Christian Levrat joined the Initiative Committee. Juso has already twice made a popular initiative to vote.

The so-called initiative 1: 12 to cover the earnings of managers failed on November 24, 2013. In polls with no voting rights over 65%. The initiative to stop speculation took place on February 28, 2016. Despite such a small majority in the cantons of the Jury and Basel-city at the ballot box.

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