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Jonas († 12) had to die because of a defective electric appliance

Investigations on the cause of the fire at the multiple residence in Stifisburg on Sunday showed that a technical defect in the freezer caused a fire. The fire killed a twelve-year-old boy.

On Sunday night, the multi-family house in Weiergraben 34 in Stifisburg BE. completely ignited. Jonas * († 12) died in the fire (Blick reported). Now fire inspectors of the cantonal police Bern learned: A technical defect in an electrical device caused a fire.

According to Capo Bern, the device is a freezer. Several devices stood side by side in one room – one was broken and lit up. Then the flame attacked the wooden house and surprised residents in a dream. The fire caused a loss of over one million francs.

Parents wanted to rescue Jonas

Furthermore, the body on which the investigators were found in the ravine was formally identified. Thus, the police confirmed that he was a twelve-year-old boy from the Canton Bern.

Just before 3:30 on Sunday, the fire broke out. When the forces arrived, the house was already in full fire. A local resident in a shocking shock "screaming from my dream." There were three parties in the house.

The big sister of Jonas Julia * (14) is said to be one of the first to hear the alarm, said Andreas B. *, relative, to look. "She awakened her family and just wanted to climb Arbor before she went to flames." Parents tried to rescue Jonas, he says. They were injured and had to go to the hospital.

Neighbors brought clothes for the victims

Other survivors managed to escape to the last second, said Andreas B. *. The tenant on the second floor, his good friend, could only wake up his girlfriend, then escaped wearing his panties. "His clothes, his labors, his cell phone, all his belongings burn." He brought his friends socks and jackets.

Other residents also brought clothes to the affected residents at night. "We were up to dawn," said one neighbor.

The apartment building is no longer suitable for living. Stifisburg was in shock on Sunday. A reader who lives only a few dozen meters said to Blick: "We are a small village. You can feel the astonishment here." Andreas B. * said: "Material damage is not so bad – in the face of family tragedy. It's a pity that Jonas had to die." (Haa)

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