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How much did his girlfriend suffer from this?

Although Domenico de Chico (35) and Evelyn Burdeyki (30) were fighting for themselves in the jungle camp, all the signs at the entrance to the camp were in harmony. It is speculated even about the possible return of love. Domenico always flirting with blonde – how must that feel for his girlfriend? In the interview for OKmag.de speaks Italian plain text!

Rumors of separation in Domenico and his girlfriend

Shortly before leaving for Australia, Domenico de Chikco shook hands with a Bomb of a liaison. He was kissed by Julia, the mother of his child.

A bite in the heart of Evelynwho had thought so far, the 35-year-old was unique. But even at the first meeting of the ex-couple in the camp, he made the appearance, as if Domenico was finally over the blonde. The problem: about 14,000 kilometers His current girlfriend watched her lovehow he flirted with Evelyn. Although he also came to Australia to a huge Zoff, looked at the 35-year-old on the sixth day again the conversation with the chatterbox, to reconcile with her …

How did Julia feel about it? According to media reports, she even deleted all of the photos. A companion of Domenico, Luigi, revealed at the time the opposite RTL:

I guess she (Julia, editorial note) is sad.

loudly RTL.de-Information she was even so insulted, that she thought to put Domencio at the doorBut then the order. Julia sent a sweet message to her loved one at a distance, in the name of her child.

Dear father, I can not wait to get back. Mom and I are very proud of you,

she writes InstagramThe two decided to start a new beginning before the jungle. But what about the two of Domenico's camp? OKmag.de he told him …

Source: MG RTL D; Evelyn and Domenico were approaching each other in the jungle.

Is Julia still standing behind her Domenico?

In the Jungle Camp, Domenico de Cicco made a shocking statement:

She picked up the picture with her and the child and it went straight – equivalent to 20,000 likes or so.

Criticism: Does Domenico publish only pictures of his happy family to reach more wants? It will be a scandal. The face of the television said in the freedom that he expressed only unfavorable. His family is sacred – and Julia's girlfriend still strengthens her back.

Also, her time was very intense. But she stopped and always stood behind me,

so Domenico in an interview with OKmag.deIt remains to be seen whether his girlfriend will change his mind after the great reunion of the jungle … Domenico meets his former Evelyn Burdečki for the first time.

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