Sunday , April 18 2021

Hockey Nati: Nico Hishier achieves a hat-trick on Nati's debut

Hattrick! Fantastic night for Nico Hissier (20): His strong Nati debut in the domestic canton crowns the NHL striker with three goals.

Vale. For Niko Hishier it means "mountains, good air, good water, and wine." And from Friday evening, it is also the canton of his premiere at Naty.

Graveyard hall in Sierra once in red and white instead of red and yellow. Some Swiss flags say, "Nico. Countless viewers also wear dozens of 13, hats or jerseys of New Jersey Devils.

The pride of their Veilizer, which made him a draft number in the NHL, is obvious. Before the match, when fans surround players warming up with a two-touch football game.

And during the match against France, when the line around Hishier, the NHL striker (last Minnesota) and his native sailors Vincent Prablan (AHL, Springfield), again and again create the most dangerous chances.

Game overview and powerplay

The fact that Hishier can only make his debut in Nathy 40km from his hometown of Naters, is a fairy tale about him (reported by Blyk).

And the 20-year-old does it as instructed by Coach Patrick Fischer: He clings his line time by the way with his overview of the game and pulls the strings in power.

In such a number, Switzerland comes to an important second goal. Tim-Oldi Andres Ambul (35, CDC) is best performed by Hissier and Fiala.

Of course, the fact that Hishier makes his debut appearance with a hat-trick corresponds to the fairy tale of the NHL striker from Vale.

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