Friday , October 22 2021

Google Chrome Labs: The Squoosh browser optimizer makes photos small


Google Chrome Labs introduced Squoosh, a website that can compress and reduce images using various algorithms. A special feature: the user can compare the original of the browser and compress it side by side. Alternatively, the results of different algorithms can be displayed side by side. In the past, many compression programs have been developed, but only a few are available on the Internet.

Labor market

  1. NOVENTI HealthCare GmbH, Munich
  2. AKKA Germany GmbH, Munich

Squoosh is open source on Github and for free. With the help of the Web Squoosh team, it can use image codecs that are not available in the browser.

  • Squoosh (photo: Andreas Donath / Google Labs)

Squoosh (photo: Andreas Donath / Google Labs)

Squoosh supports many web formats, such as MozJPEG and WebP, as well as older formats such as PNG, and allows users to also download compressed images. With a 1: 1 comparison, you can get differences between the original image and the compressed counterpart.

Squoosh works in all popular desktop and mobile browsers. The fastest way to check is the web application in Chrome.

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