Saturday , October 16 2021

Flüelen: Alcoholized Junglenker falls into the train

A 21-year-old man caused an accident in the Flüelertunnel tunnel. He must respond to prosecutor Uri.

On the night of Saturday, shortly before 2 o'clock, a 21-year-old man was driving his car to the north in the Flüelertunnel tunnel. As the cantonal police Uri says, the car came with Zuger control plates several times over the double line of safety on the opposite lane. In the middle of the tunnel, the car jumped with a properly approaching train with the number plates St. Gallen.

After the collision, in which both the cause of the accident and the 34-year-old driver with the trailer remained intact, he slipped a heavily damaged passenger car for about 100 meters before he stopped. According to the police, property damage to both vehicles is around 12,000 francs. In addition, he suffered road traffic damages of around CHF 1 000.

He had to give his license on the spot

Due to the positive alcohol test in the breath, the driver of the driving license was transported on the spot to the hands of the administrative authorities. In addition, the person causing the accident will have to answer the prosecutor of the Uri canton.

The tunnel had to be completely closed for about an hour to register the facts and remove the car. At this stage, the movement was directed by the village of Flüelen.

The National Roads Operational Bureau, a private tugboat and Uri cantonal police staff operated in the action. (AST)

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