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Fiorentina and Atalanta are in the semifinals of the Cup

Remo Freler won Kup Italia 3-0 in the quarter-finals with Atalanta Favorit Juventus. Edimilsson Fernandez wins Fiorentina against Roma 7-1! Meanwhile burned at Edin Dzeko fuses.

Atalanta is in the semifinals of the Cup of Italy and meets there in Fiorentina. They defeated home the previously unbeaten national Juventus Turin equal to 3: 0.

This victory is nothing but undeserved. While the star ensemble around Ronaldo and Dybala is not in 90 minutes, Atalanta is again disciplined and exploits the mistakes of the icy front of Juventus. In addition, the home team opposes the fact that defendant Kielini must be replaced in the 27th minute. After that, it is even less fit for the guests who have problems with the Atalanta offensive from the very beginning. The first chestnut Bentankur takes the ball and ends the ice at 1: 0 (37). Just two minutes later, Sapata rises. He turned and shoots dry at a nearby corner.

After the break, Juve enters the game better, but becomes very dangerous. Zappa uses it in the 86th minute, De Skiljo-Bock, on a 3-0 final result. The Colombian has already scored 10 games in the series and has 17 goals in the last 10 games! Remo Frajler plays in Atalanta and shows a great match.

Fiorentina scatters Roma

Empty eyes on Roma's bench. It's the 79th minute when Giovanni Simeone, the son of Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, scored 6-1 for Fiorentina, with Swiss player Nati Edimilsson Fernandes playing for Fiorentina.

It is a dismantlement, which is brought by the home team against helpless Roma. Ten minutes after his first goal, Simeone doubles and sets the move 7-1 behind this quarter-final match at the Italian Cup.

Fiorentina set the stage for victory in the beginning. Chizéa scored a couple by the 18th minute – the two goals after a counterattack, in which he is famously used by Miralas. The AS has more possession over the game (57%), but almost nothing knows of a well-organized domestic defense. Only when Kolarov is given a little space, does this powder-dry take off from 20 meters and rush him unbearably in the right-hand corner.

But even after the goal, hosts can not be disturbed. Only five minutes later, Murillo returned the lead from two goals.

Dzeko approaches the judge and sees red

After the break, Roma Dzeko and Pellegrini will take a breath of fresh air on the offensive result. However, AS continues to break into the penalty area. Too little creative are the attacks, massive defensive. And because Roma miss out on their best goal, Fiorentina responds. And how! First, Benassi sank to 4: 1 (66), and then Chase makes his hat-trick perfect (74th). The home team needs two passes to play the precise prohibition of the Romans.

Between these two hits burned in Dzeko on fuses (72nd). The deputy striker insulted Judge Manganiello and directly paid the red card! His movement on the head leaves room for speculation: Did he spit on the judge? In any case, work on a short day to replace the Knieper in the second half.

The two Simeone hits are, of course, just two more peppers in the heart of the Roma. After 90 minutes, the judge releases the guests. Fiorentina is so in the Cup semi-finals, where they meet the winner of the Atalanta-Juventus match. The first semifinal match will be held on February 27. (RWE)

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