Wednesday , October 27 2021

Discovery: The block of building the "happiness hormone" activates immune cells


Clinical use against autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancers

"autoimmune diseases and allergies are among the most-emerging diseases in the world and therapies are urgently needed. Ours here discovery be extremely useful. if so BH4 it inhibits, we can inhibit the constant attack mode of these autoaggressive T lymphocytes, so they do not damage healthy tissue nor cause chronic inflammation, "he said. Shane Cronin, Postdoc at IMBA and the first author of the current publication in nature.

Together with

Clifford Woolf with Boston Children & # 39; s Hospital w Harvard and Kai Johnsson. Max Planck Institute of Medical Research, Heidelberg, scientists have developed a new drug called QM385, the BH4 brakes, and immune cells with tamed over-reaction "tames". The first clinical trials are under preparation.

BH4 also for cancer treatments?

BH4 At the same time, it is also an important candidate for future cancer immunotherapy, because activated T cells detect and fight cancer cells. Scientists have found this in mice BH4 T cells help to target the tumor. It also turned out that the appearance BH4 can be blocked by kynurenine, a molecule that immune system it can turn off in cancer. Gift BH4 allows T cells to grow again.

Valuable knowledge about relationships

"Knowing new relationships in biology and disease is especially valuable because applications can be very versatile. Who would have thought that our immune system controlled by a molecule known for neurobiology and probably for new applications autoimmune diseasesAsthma can even lead to cancer and immunodeficiency! ", He said Shane Cronin.
"If we can find cross connections of various biological systems in the body, as in this case the nervous system and immune systemsometimes you can be amazed discovery make ". In the past, this concerned the team Josef Penninger On the example of the RANKL signaling pathway, bone metabolism could be linked to the endocrine system. Therapeutic applications resulting from the drug denosumab range from bone loss to breast cancer pills currently in

Austria is tested.

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