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Dieter Bohlen: Fan in great concern – he was afraid of the death of the RTL star

Dieter Bolen is an integral part of the music business. At 66, the RTL boss looks better than ever. But one fan now fears for his life.

Kilensen near Hamburg – Rarely known in Germany: music legend Dieter Bolen. Whether as a member of the band Modern Talking or as a juror DSDS or “Das Supertalent” – the pop titan had a steep career throughout his life. At 66 it is Veteran of RTL always on the move and a real workaholic. But does not all stress get too much for him at some point? After all, in the days of “Modern Talking”, the TV host was extreme with his health to fight. Now a fan fears the death of the music producer – and fears for his life.

Name: Dieter Bolen
Born: February 7, 1954 (age 66), Bern
Partner: Karina Waltz (2006–)
Children: Maurice Bolen, Marvin Bolen, Amelie Bolen, Marielin Bolen, Mark Bolen, Maximilian Bolen
Spouse: Verona Put (married 1996–1997), Erika Sauerland (married 1983–1989)
Music groups: Modern Speaking (1998 – 2003), Blue System (1987 – 1998)

Dieter Bohlen: RTL jury chief struggles with health – DSDS star delights Instagram and TickTock fans

As it is known, stress can hit you in the stomach and that is why the head of the jury, Dieter Bolen can sing a song. When the DSDS star and author of the book formed the music duo “Modern Conversation” with pop singer Thomas Anders, quarrels with the singer had serious health consequences. DSDS veteran. Looking back, the 66-year-old revealed that it would be so bad that Bolen even vomited blood.

From this point of view, the Modern Talking resolution was probably the right decision for the music legend. On Career from Dieter Bolen this step did not stop either. Then, the main jury from Totensen near Hamburg made numerous hits number one and is now busy on the internet platforms. TickTock and Instagram on the road. More than 1.5 million Instagram subscribers (as of November 12, 2020) RTL embroidery, who now smiles at his community almost every day with funny videos. Whether it’s a good mood trick during the Corona crisis or between dancing – senior RTL is a true social media professional.

Dieter Bohlen (RTL): Super Talented Jury Posts Video on Instagram – Fans Fear for DSDS Chief’s Life

But now there was one Instagram-Video Reason for adherent of Jiri-bosses really worried: in his garage he allowed himself Dieter Bolen have fun and try fun TickTock-Trend off. He sang the children’s song “Kumula Savesta” (Fly, Fla, Flo) DSDS– Boss not only with, but also let a strange comic filter fly over his face. Young people in the heart joined the ridiculous performance Super talentJiri smiled in the face of some of his fans.

A fan of Dieter Bohlen is afraid of the death of the star of DSDS (

© ianulian Stratenschulte / dpa / image alliance & Soeren Stache / dpa / image alliance

But one fan obviously did not find the vocals funny at all. Because in a concerned comment, the trailer feared a possible death from Dieter Bolen“Have you ever thought when Dieter is gone?” He asked Instagram-Beneficiary of the community. After all, no one is immortal. Especially the consequences of Dieter Bolens Death would be fatal: “Who will be Poptitan then?” What’s he doing RTL without Dieter? “, The fan asked question after question.

Dieter Bohlen (RTL): DSDS chief jury reassures Instagram fans – gives positive advice to supporters

Even if the cute music producer had a healthy diet and exercised regularly, the clock would stick to him. Dieter Bolen did not stand, the user feared for the life of Karina Waltz’s partner. Thus, the longtime jury show insisted on convincing his fan. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” he replied Planks. After all, a music legend is difficult, as he has proven in the past. Dieter had to get a direct blow to the face during the super talent show and still enjoys it better health.

Great care for Giants DSDS came to the trailer very spontaneously, so that he would suddenly panic about the possible death of the juror. However, it seems both physical and mental Dieter Bolen to be perfectly good. “If things are to get tough and you have to deal with problems, happy Nordic nature has prepared some wise tips: You just need to look ahead positively and think of something nice,” he wrote in Instagram-Comments.

List of columns: © ianulian Stratenschulte / dpa / image alliance and Soeren Stache / dpa / image alliance

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