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Dean Kukan: The Swiss are turning the NHL upside down

Yes, Kukan! It's a coup of the playoffs. Columbus blue jackets hit the team from the qualifying team Tampa Bay. And it all began with the silver hero Dean Kukan.

Tampa Bay Lightning with his stars Nikita Kutcherov (128 points!), Steven Stamkos and Victor Hedman in the regular season had accumulated 62 wins, equaling the record of the legendary Detroit Red Wing from the 1995/96 season.

But in the playoffs, the Florida team withdrew the plug. Columbus Blue Hooks, in which John Tortorela as coach who led Tampa Bay in the Stanley Cup 2004 win, not only won the series. No, they dominated it and won quickly with goals from 19: 8.

Serie Kukan: 11 wins in 12 games

And in the midst of all this is the Swiss: Dean Kukan. Copenhagen's silver medalist hero spent long periods of extra time at the stands. But the 25-year-old became calm, waiting for his chance. And she came. When Columbus fought for a place in the playoffs in the finals of qualifying, Tortorela led Zurcher. And the defender immediately impressed the coach with his calmness and his ability to increase the game.

From March 24, the Zurich-based player, who started his career in Sweden, is a member of the team. And with him, "thin jackets" are hard to beat. With seven wins from the last eight games, Kukan and Ko are secured at the last minute, neither for the playoffs. And then a coup came against Tampa Bay.

Coach Tortorela loves Kukan's courage

In the last match (7: 3), he stood almost 19 minutes on the ice and was glorified in the media. "Where would the blue jackets be if Kukan did not make a big step forward in the playoffs?" "Good God, he played incredibly." Columbus misses two key players with Ryan Murray and Marcus NĂștivar, but the rise of Kukan helped a lot, "writes Athletic.

"You never know when the defender will mature. You should never give up on players, especially defenders." "You really need to be patient so they can develop," Tortorela says, who especially likes Kukan to be prepared to take risks and not be disturbed by mistakes.

The AHL winners and the Champions League

So, Kukan is currently the pitch in the team of Columbus. In the NHL playoff, the defender, who earned "only" $ 725,000 a year (contract until 2020), never played before.

But his Palmares seem not to be bad: Apart from the World Cup in a silver game, he can show his victory in the Houston League of Hockey with Lula 2015 and the title of championship titles in 2016 with the Cleveland Monsters. And now he dreams of Stanley Cup. If you delete Tampa Bay, you do not have to be afraid of anyone.

NHL rating

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Swiss players are also fighting for a duel with the NHL. Just like here in the regular season Nico Hishir with the New Jersey Devils.

Since the beginning of October, the gangs are shooting again, nettles and everything is played: NHL season 2018/19 works. All news, results, lighting and videos are available throughout the NHL ticker season.

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