Sunday , June 13 2021

Correspondence to School Care: Now the old class of Stefan Ahrerman is included – Limmattal Region – Limmatal

The big disappointment over the dismissal of Stefan Ahrerman in Schlieren is great. The teacher teaches at the school Kalkertaren for ten years and informed the school board last Friday that she is leaving the school. This, after he and his colleague were asked in a letter from the school administration, self-financed information equipment – such as projectors and computers – after a sports or spring break in order to install a new lighting, the implementation of energy saving measures and the preparation for renovation All premises of the planned new IT concept of school strips from the school premises for removal and non-renewal.

The parents of the concerned 37 students want to prevent the departure of the popular teacher and on Tuesday before the Mayor presented the Mayor Markus Burtshiger (SP) petition with 41 signatures. In it, they demand that school care takes back the call.

Now also speaks of the old class of Ahrerman, who taught the teacher from 2014 to 2017. In a letter to the school administration, she clearly states what would lose her position if she allowed Ahrmann to go. "We are strongly convinced that he is one of the best teachers in limestone and the school will not have the same value without him," the young people wrote.

«He was there for each of us»

He is very grateful for serving as a model and guide for the past three years. "Through his strong will to teach us all the material from the textbooks, he managed to force everyone in the class to be educated or to follow a further solution. Without his help, we would have problems because he was there for each of us and pushed us "continues the letter. It was a pity that he had to clear his private material. They would have a great benefit. "Since we are now in the professional world, we even more appreciate the fact that Mr. Aherman gave us the opportunity for students to practice personal computer and use of technology," the class praises its old teacher. Former students are asking the school for their care in their letter so Aherman can continue to teach with the help of his IT equipment. "We are very sad and disappointed that such a great and unique teacher, who can also be very strict, yet so polite, is forced to leave."

Whether the letter helps us something is doubtful. In the meantime, a conversation was held between Achermann and the president of the Bea Cancer School (FDP). However, this was not in the interest of parents and students. "There are no permitted exceptions, my ending is unfortunately final," Aherman says. From now on, he should permanently remove his IT installation. The CAD, graphic and program courses it offers will last until the end of December. The parents' petition is still ongoing. And another petition is waiting for the city. On Friday, the concerned classes handed their petition to the president of the city in Znünipause in the Kalkartren school building.

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